10 - 13 MAR 2026 | Intertraffic Amsterdam 2026

Societal challenges

Tackling societal challenges

Our industry is aiming for a transport system that is resilient, resource-efficient, climate and environmentally friendly, safe and seamless. This will benefit citizens, the economy and society. Which sustainable solutions help minimise the impact of transport systems, and how can smart solutions reconcile growing mobility needs?


Electric & hybrid vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-motorbikes, e-trikes
Charging infrastructure and smart grids
Sustainable transport and alternative fuels
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
Eco driving & coaching
Car sharing and ride sharing
Sustainable route planning
Multi-modal transportation solutions
Social inclusion (customized transportation)
Sustainable logistics and zero emission urban distribution
Multiple use of public space
Air and noise pollution
Crowd management
Media solutions for teleconferencing, teleworking and telecommuting