Intertraffic Amsterdam's integrated startup event ITSUP allowed starting companies to present their smart mobility solutions to the seasoned Intertraffic audience. All were invited to work on a challenge prepared by sponsor, SWARCO. To remain successful and innovative, SWARCO collaborates with start-ups to generate new ideas.
The winner of the ITSUP challenge is embarking on a 6-month acceleration journey together with SWARCO, to take their project from pitch to realization. SWARCO announced the winner of the ITSUP contest, with a twist of there not being one winner, but two!

"The winner doesn't only put the puzzle pieces together but also displays connectivity", the jury stated. The lucky start-ups are Transcality and SMATS Traffic Solutions Inc. Transcality also came out on top in the pitch contest, hence securing a complimentary stand at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2026.

itsup 2024 WAS POWERED BY:

what happenED at itsup 2024

SWARCO challenge

The challenge aims to foster collaboration among diverse startups, focusing on sustainability and road safety. SWARCO, in collaboration with selected cities, defined specific themes. ITSUP participant were tasked with crafting a Proof of Concept during Intertraffic Amsterdam, guided by SWARCO's experts.

Startups presented ideas and engaged with city needs with the aim to transition the winning concept from idea to implementation with SWARCO's support. The challenge emphasised strategically aligning puzzle pieces to unlock the value of collaboration in Intelligent Transportation Systems, ensuring shared progress through innovation and partnerships.

Pitch Competition

All participating startups were offered the opportunity to pitch their product/solution in the ITSUP arena. The pitches were be judged on:

  • Clarity and structure, 
  • Market potential,
  • Innovation and differentiation,
  • The extent to which the solution contributes to smart, safe, and sustainable mobility for all.

The winners of the pitch competition received a free booth at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2026.

itsup success stories

ITSUP 2024 Participants

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Participation details for itsup 2026



  • Present your innovative solution,
  • Find launch partners,
  • Benefit from inspiring coaching sessions,
  • Initiate strategic partnerships with key players.


  • Solid business plan
  • Innovative intelligent solution
  • Globally applicable
  • Hyper-scalable
  • High feasibility factor
  • Less than 5 years in business

ITSUP stand package includes:

- White participation unit - Visual LED A1 (Design in landscape) - Lockable storage - 1 x 3 kw electra - 1 x High chair - Daily cleaning - Wifi. 


43” screen > order via web shop & the possiblity to bring your own roll-up banner (max. 1m wide)


Price still to be defined. 

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