Exhibitor news

  • 4/11/2024 10:00 PM

    Easylux is set to launch a groundbreaking new model of retroreflectometer at Intertraffic Amsterdam. This innovative device is a compact and lightweight machine equipped with hybrid measurement technology, allowing for both dynamic and static operation modes. This unique technical feature, unmatched in the market, revolutionizes the way technicians assess signage visibility. With just one lightweight and portable unit, users can evaluate signage either in a point-by-point manner, similar to a traditional static retroreflectometer, or continuously when integrated with a vehicle. Due to its lightweight nature, the hybrid retroreflectometer can be mounted on any type of vehicle using a standard cinema mount with just 2 suction cups. It is capable of assessing CIE chromatic coordinates and RL visibility at rates exceeding 500 samples per second. This versatility and high-performance capability make the Easylux hybrid retroreflectometer a game-changer in the field of visibility control for road signage. For more information, visit Easylux at Intertraffic Amsterdam, to witness firsthand the future of retroreflectometry technology.

  • 4/11/2024 10:00 PM

    Fairs, music events or Christmas markets – open-air events require appropriate security concepts to protect visitors as effectively as possible. An important part of this concerns securing vehicle entrances. Public spaces should be protected as far as possible from vehicles such as cars or lorries driving through them. For flexible and certified safeguarding, Hörmann offers the mobile Road Blocker M30. Certifications according to the latest standard for portable vehicle security barriers DIN SPEC 91414-1 and IWA 14-1 are available. According to manufacturer specifications, Hörmann is currently the only manufacturer that offers a mobile road blocker in accordance with DIN SPEC 91414-1 with tampering resistance class 2.

  • 4/11/2024 10:00 PM

    A new 2-in-1 solution complements the extensive Hörmann range for car park management. With Hörmann Park NFC, debit and credit cards with an NFC chip can be used as parking IDs and as a means of payment. Payments can be made quickly, conveniently and contactlessly without cash. Neither an automatic pay station nor a paper ticket are required. This minimises costs for the car park operator and ensures cost-optimised management of parking spaces.

  • 4/10/2024 10:00 PM

    The Evolve lightbar is set to make its debut. What distinguishes this product is its modular lens sections, allowing for easy disassembly and replacement of a single lens section. This unique design offers effortless maintenance with independently silicone-sealed lens sections, providing exceptional protection against water and dust ingress. The Evolve lightbar is supported by all industry certifications, offering multiple length options, a low current electrical circuit ideal for EV vehicles, various specifications and lens colour options, and an Auto dim feature as standard.

  • 4/9/2024 10:00 PM

    The new and improved Night Angel scene-light model delivers an impressive 3000+ lumens and incorporates a run-cool technology circuit, colour-matching facia, and multi-core cable. The Night Angel scene-light range comes in a variety of standard housing colours – black, white, red, and yellow – ensuring seamless integration with most vehicle bodywork for an OEM look and feel. Compact in size with an IP69K rating for dust and water resistance, a stylish modern appearance, and a generous 5-year warranty make these lights the ideal choice for any emergency response or safety vehicle.

  • 4/9/2024 10:00 PM

    A new, easy-to-install, off-grid vehicle monitoring solution is revolutionizing the way road authorities count vehicles, monitor speeds and classify vehicle type.

  • 4/9/2024 10:00 PM

    MetroCount is an Australian transport technology company renowned for over 30 years for manufacturing extremely robust and reliable traffic counters. Today, MetroCount systems are used in 135 countries to inform safer and more efficient roads, cycle ways and share paths. MetroCount is excited to be at the forefront of monitoring active travel movements alongside motorised traffic and creating innovative solutions to help governments make the most of traffic data. A brand new map-based, automated analysis software is helping to do just that.

  • 4/7/2024 10:00 PM

    Infotraffic is now System TV! Explore our new identity and discover how we're transforming the world of digital signage solutions for parking industry!

  • 4/3/2024 10:00 PM

    Urbiotica is pleased to announce its participation once again at Intertraffic, the most relevant event in the parking and mobility field, taking place from April 16th to 19th, 2024 in Amsterdam. Intertraffic Amsterdam is recognized as the most important global event in areas such as smart mobility, traffic management, road safety, and parking. For this reason, we consider it valuable to participate as leaders in the smart parking sector, contributing with our expertise and insights to this event that brings together the key players in the industry. We will be showcasing our new releases:

  • 3/31/2024 10:00 PM

    Theia’s patented Linear Optical Technology® lenses have been used in over 3000 automotive crash tests and are chosen for their: Ultra wide angle, no distortion image from as close as 0.5m, Higher resolution at image edge compared to typical wide lenses. Providing 5+ megapixel, 200lp/mm resolution, Real-time, optical correction of barrel distortion, and Rugged construction. The lenses cover up to 1/1.8” sensors in visible and NIR corrected models, C, M12 & CS mount options.

  • 3/25/2024 11:00 PM

    Urbiotica is unveiling a new version of its magnetic detection sensor. The U-Spot 3.0 version represents a significant advancement in our parking sensor technology and will be available starting April 9, 2024.

  • 3/24/2024 11:00 PM

    Truvelo is pleased to announce that it has secured a new contract with Staffordshire Police Following news reports that two former members of Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership police staff have being jailed after they worked together to delete speeding offences, Truvelo is proud to announce that Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership has recently procured a replacement mobile enforcement solution from Truvelo consisting of the LASERcam 4, a hand-held device that can measure speed and capture video evidence of speeding offences and other moving traffic violations, and VMS, a browser-based back-office software system that can process all types of enforceable driving, moving traffic and parking offences.

  • 2/19/2024 11:00 PM

    The next stop for condition monitoring of sensitive infrastructure: the Kistler Group is showcasing its latest solution for bridge protection and traffic safety, a comprehensive Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) portfolio, for the first time at the Intertraffic 2024 in Amsterdam from April 16 to 19. At booth 410 in hall 1, experts will also reveal the potential of digitalization through the new KiTraffic Digital platform, the most advanced and accurate Weigh In Motion system available on the market.

  • 2/7/2024 11:00 PM

    Q-lite, de Belgische producent van digitale displayoplossingen, mag de komende jaren in heel Vlaanderen tot wel 500 digitale haltedisplays plaatsen voor De Lijn. Deze nieuwe generatie informatieschermen vervangen de oude haltedisplays die aan het einde van hun levensduur zijn. De Lijn wil met de nieuwe, uniforme informatieschermen tegemoet komen aan de behoefte aan duidelijke en betrouwbare reisinformatie in realtime. Q-lite zal de digitale haltedisplays van de vervoersmaatschappij niet alleen produceren en installeren, maar ook onderhouden.

  • 12/31/2023 11:00 PM

    Zhejiang Hanlv Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. located in Hangzhou, a beautiful touring city in east coast of China, near Shanghai and Ningbo. Through the years of development, we have become the leading manufacturer of signage and safety products in East China with 80% of products exported to Australia, New Zeland, US, Canada and EU countries. Our facility covers one aluminum sheet de-coiler line capacity of 5000 tons, one cutting line, ten punchers, one bending machine, one linishing machine for both sheets and coils, two screen printing machines, sanding machine, polishing machine, electric welding machine etc. Through the years of development, we have become the leading manufacturer of signage and safety products in East China with 80% of products exported to Australia, New Zeland, US, Canada and Europe. Hanlv offers a wide range of products including Danger/ Warning/Caution Safety Signs, various types of construction signage, safety tags, portable variable message sign etc. Adhering to the management idea of "Surviving with quality and developing with credibility", Hanlv hopes to develop long-term cooperation with you.

  • 12/31/2023 11:00 PM

    Functionality, reliability, efficiency, and design come together in our OPTEX OVS vehicle detection range. These vehicle sensors offer high quality, above ground detection for Vehicle Presence detection for Activation, Counting and Presence detection purposes.