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Intertraffic World is dedicated to the technologies and services on display at the industry-leading Intertraffic events. Launched in 2009, Intertraffic World magazine is produced in a collaboration between the organisers of Intertraffic and the publishers of TTi magazine. This unique publication builds on the technologies and concepts displayed at Intertraffic, with highly focused articles and technical papers on the latest developments within traffic management, safety, infrastructure and parking. From vehicle detection, parking payment machines and road restraint systems, through to connected vehicle systems and intelligent highways, Intertraffic World offers readers complete solutions for their next road development project, and is a must-read for any city planner, DOT or road traffic engineer.

Intertraffic World Magazine out now

Intertraffic’s dedicated annual publication Intertraffic World is out now. The magazine will zoom in on global trends and developments on the industry: MaaS, EV, curb space management, smart cities and more. It will also touch on some of the solutions on show at the 50th anniversary edition of our Intertraffic Amsterdam in March next year. Check it out >


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