10 - 13 MAR 2026 | Intertraffic Amsterdam 2026

Cooperative Connected and Automated Driving

Cooperative, connected and automated driving will offer new mobility solutions that are cleaner, safer, consumer-focused and create new areas of business for our industry. Car-connectivity and automation will bring considerable economic gains for users such as driver comfort and access to mobility. What are the latest developments with regard to technology and social acceptance?


Safe routing
Cloud services
Real-time travel information
Multi-modal travel information services
Vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
Talking traffic: communicating vehicles, in-car traffic management, and collective traffic services
Smart Traffic Controllers
Advanced driver assistance systems such as Autopilot, Cruise Control, Lane Keeping, Park Assist
Vehicle sensors and Artificial Intelligence
Human factors of automated driving
Security and privacy issues: privacy, data ownership, the role of the car manufacturers
International standardization: architecture and operability