The must read articles on mobility in 2021

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

The year 2021 has been a challenging and fruitful year with loads of developments in the mobility industry. Intertraffic interviewed several mobility experts in traffic management, parking, road safety, smart mobility and infrastructure and has selected the must read articles of 2021 for you.

Smart mobility 2021 according to five experts

End of year lists. Intertraffic decided to follow suit and invited a selection of five smart mobility experts: Sampo Hietanen (MaaS Global), Anton Emelyanov (Moscow-based Cognitive Pilot), Giles Bailey (Stratageeb), Bern Grush (Urban Robotics Foundation) and Eric Masaba (Texxi Global) to tell us what they think have been the most significant developments in their chosen field in 2021, be it a product, a solution or a new way of thinking. Read the article >>

Electromobilty: the principles


In the second part of our extended feature on Electromobility, we talk to Neil Wallis, Head of Communications Consultant at Zemo, about the principles of electromobility, electric driving and EV ownership. Until earlier this year Zemo were the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership – the catalyst for the name change was the collective idea that “low” wasn’t enough of a target. The stakes have been raised… Read te article >>

15 minute city: urban mobility solution to the environment? 

15-minute city

By 2050, almost 70% of the people are projected to live in urban areas. In most modern cities, the space is designed to allow fast traffic flow, especially aimed at the car. A large part of the public space is occupied by roads that have to take you quickly from A to B. Unfortunately, people lose a lot of time in city traffic jams. The role of cities is admittedly decisive in a paradigm shift, since urban areas are responsible for 70% of emissions. With our cities expected to grow, some experts agree that new urban planning is necessary in order to improve quality of life and save the environment. Read the article >>

The best of parking 2021: the journey begins where the journey ends 

Intertraffic spoke to five parking experts to find out what innovations caught their eye in 2021. A new product? Thoughtful utilisation of existing space? A ground-breaking project? A risk-taking city? Ivo Cré (POLIS), Martijn Pater (Fronteer), Neil Herron (GRID Smarter Cities), Jesse Heitlager (WPS), and Mike Strahlman (JustPark) provide the insight into the year in parking. Read the article >>

Rethinking traffic management after COVID-19  

traffic managementIf there’s one eventuality that traffic managers rarely prepare for it’s a global pandemic that confines more than half the planet’s population to their homes. Local and national authorities plan for the unplanned and expect the unexpected, but those spontaneous events are typically earthquakes, mudslides, hurricanes, protests or the thankfully occasional multiple-vehicle highway pile-up. Read the article >>

Speeding up the mobility transition: Lucas Harms, Dutch Cycling Embassy   

With the continuous growth of the population and ongoing urbanization, there are numerous mobility challenges. Sustainability, safety and societal impact are amongst our daily concerns. We need to speed up the mobility transition to keep up with the fast-changing global dynamics, which requires inventive approaches and better solutions. In this series, we share inspiring and innovative cases from all over the world. We spoke to Lucas Harms, Managing Director of the Dutch Cycling Embassy. How does he speed up the mobility transition? Read the article >>

Intertraffic ON AIR episodes 2021

Intertraffic ON AIR studioOur 2021 ON AIR series existing of six episodes featured leading industry stakeholders discussing the most relevant topics on the mobility transition, whilst putting the spotlights on trending innovations and use cases. Episodes were: Intelligent infrastructure, Smart Traffic control, Parking as a Service, Improving Road Safety, Sustainable Urban Mobility and CCAM. ON AIR was streamed from our Intertraffic studio @RAI in Amsterdam. Check out the recordings >>

Documetary En Route to Success: Smart Mobility in Amsterdam

intertraffic, mobilityIn "En Route to Success" we follow mobility experts on their route to success. The first episode: Smart Mobility in Amsterdam. A city that has more bicycles than people. With a growing 800,000 inhabitants it aims to become the number one smart mobility city of the world. But advancements do not come without challenges. How is Amsterdam mapping out its route to success? We spoke to Tijs Roelofs (City of Amsterdam) on the mobility challenges in Amsterdam, Bicycle Mayor Katelijne Boerma, Waldemar Torenstra who started a mobility hub and Maurits van Hövell on smart traffic/crowd management before and after COVID at Johan Cruiff Arena. Watch the full documentary and episodes >>




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