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Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Q: We noticed that VanJee has participated in Intertraffic Mexico many times, and will participate in Intertraffic Mexico 2022 as well. What makes VanJee participate in the Mexico show? How do you hope to benefit from it?

A: Mexico is the largest potential transportation market in Latin America, with a population of 130 million. The current city road and construction are relatively saturated, while the development of intercity expressways is more promising. Compared with developed countries such as the United States, European countries, Japan, and South Korea, from the perspective of the expressway market, due to their early start, the current development situation has become saturated, and many have even begun to build smart cities. Vanjee will bring Weight-In-Motion and LiDAR as the highlights for showcasing. More than 80% of these two products are utilized for expressways or intercity highways, and obviously, among many developing countries, Mexico has more potential.

I learned about RAI and Intertraffic when I first entered the ITS industry a few years ago. I highly recognize Intertraffic's strategy to hold exhibitions in Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico. The markets of these developing countries are also in line with the strategic positioning of VanJee's global development.

Now VanJee has localized teams in Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, India, etc. Participating in Intertraffic Mexico this edition will be mainly handled by local Mexican employees.

VanJee highly recognizes the Intertraffic brand. The regional spin-off shows are highly in line with the aspirations of Chinese enterprises. From the very beginning, we, Chinese companies, are lacking knowledge of the local markets, and can hardly approach customers, but through the Intertraffic worldwide events, they can help us develop relations with the corresponding customers and partners. Coupled with the connections and relations of VanJee's foreign employees, Intertraffic can be most utilized by us.

Q: Now, most of the travel restrictions in Europe and the United States have been lifted. However, China is still strictly preventing and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic. What kind of trouble will this cause to VanJee's overseas business? For example, the cost increase in various aspects?

A: Firstly, the current international situation is still relatively complex. During the global pandemic from 2020 to 2022 and travel restrictions in various countries, VanJee recruited and trained local sales staff, and let local people directly do local business to overcome the stagnation of travel and communication.

Secondly, the cost of logistics has increased exponentially, and the recent exchange rate fluctuations are relatively large. However, VanJee's foreign trade is in the FOB mode. When the customers decide to buy our products, they will not care about the increase in the logistic cost. My philosophy is to realize where the real costs are. The biggest cost is actually the sunk cost caused by the low order volume. It took us a lot of effort to find customers, but in the end, we didn't impress them to buy our products.

At present, VanJee's overseas business is on the rise. We are not very concerned about rising logistics costs and exchange rate fluctuations, we still hope to impress buyers with our product features. 


Q: VanJee is already a leading company in ITS industry in China. In what strategy and way will Vanjee convey its ideas overseas?

A: We are an ITS company. The most difficult thing is to impress transportation departments and integrators in different countries to buy our products. This is the biggest challenge. The problem is that the buyer, the highway bureau of the Ministry of Transportation, and the integration company do not realize the value of the product.

Take the mobile phone industry from more than ten years ago as an example. Before Jobs first launched the touch-screen iPhone, everyone thought that the Nokia mobile phone was very easy to use, and a disruptive product must be launched to break the status quo. Customers need to be constantly educated.

On the other hand, sometimes simply introducing products to customers is not enough to impress them. We still need to work hard on PPTs and videos to optimize our mode and method of delivering value.

I keep thinking about it over and over, inspired by Jobs' presentations. Why are users inseparable from Apple now, because Apple can provide customers with strong data, software, and connectivity? For example, data and connections between iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iWatch devices provide customers with a better experience. VanJee will also work hard in this direction, but before selling Macs and Pads and establishing an ecosystem, it must first sell the iPhone. VanJee also wants to sell the main products of LiDAR+WIM first, and then network to provide customers with services such as data and software. 

Q: What is VanJee's overseas next strategy?

A: We now want to set up a joint venture in Europe. However, I have not found a suitable partner for the time being. Due to the domestic epidemic prevention and control policy, I have been unable to travel to Europe this year. I hope that through the channels of RAI and Intertraffic, you can help VanJee find some partners. VanJee products are not only suitable for the transportation industry, but also can be applied to robots and AGVs. For example, hotel food delivery robots, cleaning robots, logistics robots, etc. We will further expand the application fields of VanJee products.

More information about VanJee and their products can be found on their Intertraffic company profile or contact Mr. Zhao Zhai, Director of International Business Development (IBD) from VanJee Technology.

For Zhao's LinkedIn profile, please go to: or visit VanJee website.

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