Pumatronix wins the intertraffic award latin america 2018
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Pumatronix wins the Intertraffic Award Latin America 2018

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

During the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Mexico 2018 innovation was rewarded with the Intertraffic Award Latin America 2018. The three nominees: Autotraffic, Kapsch and Pumatronix contested over the coveted award for the Latin America region with Pumatronix coming out on top with their innovative software COMPARE. Editha Hoogenberg, exhibition manager Intertraffic Mexico, spoke with Sylvio Calixto, CEO of Pumatronix after they received the award.

About Compare

Thinking of curbing actions such as car theft, vehicle cloning, license plates tampering, and toll evasion, Pumatronix has developed COMPARE. An efficient software that allows you to find a particular vehicle within an image database by analyzing the similarity. We can compare this software to a digital fingerprint, where each vehicle will have your own digital description in a small bytes structure which will be used in the comparison being much more efficient then image comparison. ALPR will no doubt continue to be an essential technology for traffic surveillance, but complementary methods will have an important role in handling more difficult and complex requirements – such as finding a vehicle without a visible and legible license plate.

COMPARE is a innovative software which use the last techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to construct a digital description of each image. Also, it uses and efficient method to search one vehicle of reference into an image database of more than a million vehicles. It can be used for tolls, enforcement, public security and parking garages. Search for a car when you know the license plate can be easy, but how can you find a vehicle which does not have a license plate? COMPARE can give to you a small list of vehicles with the same aspect, considering stickers, paint failure and other characteristics, saving time in the search.

About Pumatronix

PUMATRONIX is a Brazilian reference in the supply of products for registration and vehicular identification in Brazil, in commercial expansion for all America, Europe and also Asia. Their focus is to serve the markets of traffic control, highway concessionaires, public security, parking lots and smart cities. With state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified staff, PUMATRONIX is always investing in innovative solutions. The high performance and efficiency of the products allow the company to launch at least one new product per year, be it hardware, software or an integrated solution. The constant updating of PUMATRONIX professionals, participating in events, congresses and fairs around the world, in addition to close contact with all our customers, ensures that our engineering team works with research and development of solutions, aiming to optimize operations with reduction costs and technological efficiency.

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