ITS Happened

ITS Happened

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The brand new ITSUP event at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 saw 46 global startups demonstrate their solutions, motivations & drive in a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Co-create the solutions of tomorrow

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 was not just about exhibiting the best in mobility solutions today, it was an opportunity to join forces and co-create the solutions of tomorrow. Shared problems call for shared action, exciting ideas call for excited engagement & unique collections of people, like those at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, call to be connected. The ITSUP Arena challenges made the most of the ingenuity and motivation on show to achieve these aims. Over three days and across three contemporary challenges, fifteen solutions were proposed and six collaborations emerged.

HR Groep kicked off Tuesday with a cooperative drive and enthusiasm that spread to every company in the ITSUP hall. Agreeing collaborations to improve urban experiences and infrastructure respectively, French startup Qucit and Savari of Santa Clara, California have new and exciting work to do with promising traction already. These innovative projects highlight the novel approaches and valuable experiences startup companies can bring to improve established practices.

Wednesday produced an ambitious collaboration spanning continents and capabilities; combining research institutes, government bodies & private partners. With SWOV, the Openbaar Ministerie and Sensys Gatso creating a coalition with Dutch startup SD Insights & the Canadian company Keeping Roads Safe to combine technology and experience in order to create new ways of identifying and enforcing unsafe driving behaviours, with the view to work in the Netherlands and beyond. Highlighting the adaptability & co-operative approaches that are called for in today’s challenges, this project is one to watch with potential implications reaching far and wide.

Last but not least, on the final day of the ITSUP Challenge, RAI Amsterdam agreed an exciting collaboration with Dutch startups 2DOC and Intellifi: The former using its carbon neutral network of transportation providers to take advantage of the Amsterdam waterways in order to alleviate the burdens created by RAI’s logistical demands, with the latter using IOT technology to make this a smart & well monitored process. This simple but effective idea rounded off Thursday and the ITSUP event with another resounding success.

ITSUP going abroad

In all the collaborations, we see the ease with which a common goal can be found, the readiness to support each other and the ambition to make immediate impact. Themes central to startup collaboration and values that the activities at the ITSUP event can bring to any industry or challenge.

From the 28th till the 30th of May ITSUP will take place at Intertraffic China 2018. For more information check out ITSUP China.


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