Apply now: Intertraffic Award Latin America
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Apply now: Intertraffic Award Latin America

Thursday, 2 August 2018

The moment is now

Traffic technology and mobility are fast developing markets worldwide. Intertraffic Mexico highlights the success and best practices in this industry in Latin America with the Intertraffic Latin America Award! The Intertraffic Latin America Award provides recognition to organisations in the traffic technology and mobility industry who are connecting today's and tomorrow's mobility in practice.

Who can enter?

Intertraffic Award Latin America highlights thinkers and creators breaking new ground in the traffic and mobility industry and strongly advocates companies that are committed to driving the traffic industry forward.

Participation is open to companies and organisations who belong to at least one of the following categories:

  • Governments
  • Concessionaires
  • Academies
  • Intertraffic Exhibitors

Why do you need to enter?

  • Receive the recognition in our industry – This is your chance to showcase your achievements and celebrate your success with your team
  • Stand out of the crowd – Enjoy the glory and the honour of going up on stage with your colleagues and in front of our industry
  • Raise your company pro_le – Receive coverage in industry publications and have the opportunity to talk about your achievements and successes
  • Associate your company with Intertraffic – Nominees have the exclusive right to use Intertraffic Award Latin America logo as part of your
  • Be part of an extensive social campaign media campaign dedicated to the Intertraffic Award Latin America

Will you follow up Autotraffic?

In 2007, Autotraffic came out on top during the first edition of the Intertraffic Latin America Award. With their Smartmobility platform, they facilitate visualization, analysis and modelling of information in the urban mobility environment.

Apply now: Intertraffic Award Latin America

Additionally, it allows execution of public policies through the planning, implementation and assessment of the results of the following components: Traffic Management, Public Transportation, Urban Cycling, Urban Infrastructure, Road Safety, Water Management and Air Quality Management. The tool ultimately seeks to shape cities with safer roads and a more efficient and sustainable transportation of the general public.


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Do you have an innovation, research results or an other interesting topic you would like to share with the professionals in the infrastructure, traffic management, safety, smart mobility and parking industry? The Intertraffic website and social media channels are a great platform to showcase your stories!

Please contact our Sr Brand Marketing Manager Carola Jansen-Young.

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