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Whats on at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022 | First time exhibitors in traffic management

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

What’s on at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022

Intertraffic’s exhibit halls will be home to well over 800 participants from March 29 to April 1 – many of them occupied by the biggest names in the traffic and mobility technology. However, nestled among these industry behemoths are dozens of companies exhibiting their wares for the first time. In this edition, we spoke to two newcomers, we find out who they are, what they’ll be exhibiting, what they are expecting from the world’s biggest traffic trade show and where you can find them.

Exhibitor: TG alpha
Country: Deggendorf, Germany
Industry sector: Security, cybersecurity

Ralf Habermann, Managing Director

TG alpha GmbH supports our customers in the fields of digitalization and cybersecurity, creating the union for secure digitalization. With multiple years of experience in the industrial field, as well as the IT part of traffic infrastructure including traffic light systems and airport building automation, we have a good understanding of the requirements for digitalization and cybersecurity in these fields.

Our core activities include:
• Consulting for Digitalization and Security
• Distribution of devices from GE, Emerson, Exor, etc. “From the Sensor up to the Cloud”
• Data Analysis and Optimization of Production Processes, etc.
• Independent Audits and Penetration Tests of Network and Cloud Components
• Training for Security Awareness and Secure Development of Software

Visitors to our stand will discover…

We have realized that many security appliances and software for the IT field cannot be used 1:1 in the context of infrastructure, such as building automation and mobile machines. The problems of these solutions can include that they may block important communications due to false positives, possibly creating catastrophic failures.

Also, there is often a lack of scalability and visibility to cover and understand the inner workings of bigger networks, for example as used inside cities. As such, different solutions need to be found to achieve a specific level of cybersecurity in accordance with standards, including IEC 62443 and related branch specific standards (B3S).

For this purpose, we have developed the ‘alphaWatch’ network sensor, an appliance intended to achieve visibility as well as provide detection of fraudulent communications inside the computer networks.

Once introduced into a computer network the alphaWatch listens to the network traffic and determines which devices exist and which communications exist between them. This step is done periodically over the entire lifespan allowing the alphaWatch to detect replacement devices and ask the administrator in a dashboard if this replacement was intended. This process creates a whitelist of allowed communications that can also be augmented with blacklisting of known malevolent communications.

The alphaWatch network sensors talk with each other, distributing known behaviours as well as alerts should an anomalous behavior be detected. These alerts will be shown in a condensed information inside a dashboard allowing the incident responders to make an informed choice in a timely manner.

What we hope to achieve from exhibiting

We hope to show that the experience and understanding we have accumulated in our day-to-day work experience is also very suitable to the needs of the visitors to our booth at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022. We will show a demo of our alphaWatch solution as well as discuss our experience and what services we offer and how they can be beneficial to our potential new customers.

We hope to show that the experience and understanding we have accumulated in our day-to-day work experience is also very suitable to the needs of the visitors to our booth at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022

Plans for 2022

For 2022 we would like to become more well-known as a partner in the traffic infrastructure market and provide proof that their trust is well-placed and the expectations are met, if not even exceeded. For this purpose we also wish to expand our business sites in Germany to shorten the distance to our customers, providing an easier and more timely way to support them in person. A lot of time will be dedicated to improving the alphaWatch by increasing the number of features as well as improving existing ones. Also, we are improving the user experience with the feedback of our customers so we can fulfill their needs better.

Exhibitor: Tecnovia
Country: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Industry sector: Tolling/Vehicle Classification
Stand locator: Hall 5, Stand 415

Francisco Raimondo, General Manager

Tecnovia S.A. is a traffic solution company that is introducing innovative solutions to the ITS market, developing a disruptive technology for AVC (Automatic Vehicle Classification) at any traffic speed. Traffic identification and classification for tolling systems is one of the most important challenges for highway operators. To identify the correct number of axles on each vehicle for classifying into different categories accurately is of crucial importance for correct billing and avoiding economic losses to the highway operators.  In order to solve this issue we use cutting-edge TEC-PM12 technology to provide a wide range of traffic classification solutions.

What are our main areas of application?

Toll plaza automatic and manual lanes

One of the most popular applications is detecting single wheel and double wheel axles, relaying information to lane controllers. It’s a plug and play device to connect to any electronic toll collection system.

Multilane free flow axle classifier

Integrated in our middleware free flow identification system, combined with tag readers, licence plate recognition and a Lidar scanner, determine the class and identification of the vehicle with high accuracy.

In roadway-based system for classifying and counting vehicles

This is used for measuring and predicting traffic flow, giving accurate information of the classified vehicle at different points of the roadway network and uploading information to a cloud analytics software.

How it works

At any traffic speed the TEC PM12 electronic device detects the axles and the proportional distance between them. This information is sent in real time by UDP messages to the software in the multilane controller for classifying the vehicles. The device system is also capable of detecting single and dual wheel axles by the activation of several electronic cells in the array.

The time gap of the wheel passing over the PM12 device is measured to establish axel distance and class configuration.

The information obtained in this process is shown in the graph below.

Visitors to our stand will discover… 

At Tecnovia our core business is an integral solution for highway operators, providing ITS solutions incorporating manual and automatic toll lanes, open road free flow toll systems and powerful back office for maintenance and system operation.

Our core business is an integral solution for highway operators, providing ITS solutions incorporating manual and automatic toll lanes and open road free flow toll systems

For toll users we have the most versatile tools providing the “RAPIPEAJE®” cloud application covering all payment methods like credit, debit card and electronic wallets, as well as tracking toll fee passes and sending digital information to be registered.

Supported by high-end technology and partnering with the top brands in this field, we developed a standard platform for operating this business anywhere in the world. By participating in Intertraffic fair our goal is to establish a working relationship with future partners, providing services and know-how with our open source ITS platform system.



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