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Monday, 12 November 2018

ELTRASISTEMI is one of the exhibitors at Intertraffic Mexico. We spoke with Luca Zanzon about their business, latest innovations, and how they envision that their product can help to improve Mexico as a city.

We asked Mr Zanzon to introduce his company. “ELTRASISTEMI located in Torino, Italy, is EL-TRA SRL brand since 2006 when we transformed the company and started launching new lines of motorized equipment like dispensers, readers & encoders, and validator models. The motorized equipment is used for different applications like Parking, Motorways, Public Transports, Access Control. Our equipment integrate all existing technologies: magnetic, barcode (1D & 2D), RFID. We are cooperating with over 400 integrators worldwide ( over 75 countries). We count with an extended line of multiple devices as well as customized solutions.”

BOTTUM/UP is the latest innovation of ELTRASISTEMI. Mr Zanzon explained what this innovation entails: “BOTTOM/UP is a special device able to auto-refill itself allowing PARKING and KIOSKs to become fully automatic requiring fewer  people for routine actions. Thanks to it, parking with RFID PVC cards can be controlled remotely without the physical presence of people within the lot. Each card dispensed at entry will enter once again into the same system which will preventively check if they are good or not for next driver. In transportations, the same model can be used inside AFC to reduce times of refill the vending machines and so have better control over the system and guarantee less frauds.”

Intertraffic wants to know what ELTRASISTEMI view is on the developments in the parking industry: “PARKING seems suffering quite a lot recently. It appears like the industry is changing but the future setup is still uncertain. We believe ticketing will remain important still for other few years like today since lack of ticketing would represent lack of privacy and we are no ready to manage that situation yet.”

According to Mr Zanzon,  Intertraffic is one of the more important exhibitions for ELTRASISTEMI; “Intertraffic is always important to show our main lines to local and international integrators either as existing or new potential customers. We hope through the show to reach those companies harder to reach and that did not have the chance to meet us in the past yet.
We were curious how the products of ELTRASISTEMI can make Mexico a better and smarter city. Mr Zanzon stated: “We do have all different solutions required in parking, motorways, transportations which could really make interoperability real in our cities. We all want to reduce traffic and pollutions and the only way is through functional organizations of our cities to convince every single person to do the best for himself, society, and environment without too many sacrifices.”

Visit ELTRASISTEMI at Intertraffic Mexico at stand 642.

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