Spotlight on Sensorline
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Spotlight on Sensorline

Monday, 15 October 2018

With Intertraffic Mexico around the corner, we spoke to Mark Guist of the Marketing department of Sensor Line. They are exhibiting at the upcoming edition of Intertraffic Mexico.

We asked Sensor Line to introduce themselves. Mr. Guist stated: “We are a medium sized company, based in Schrobenhausen, Germany. Our main field is the production of fiber optical road sensors. We are using a unique technology, which gives us and our customers a lot of special benefits. Our sensors are worldwide in use and we successfully installed more than 50,000 systems in about 50 countries.”

They have different kinds of traffic sensors in their portfolio. Their best running products are SL PUR, SL SPZ, and the SL EZ sensors. And their latest product is the SL LEDS. A LED signal light strip which can be used for different applications in road traffic e.g. lighting in road traffic and for the safety of pedestrians.

What we as Intertraffic find interesting, is to know why Intertraffic is important to our exhibitors. Mr. Guist replied: “We have a lot of Latin American and North American partners and customers. Intertraffic Mexico is the perfect place to meet them and to get in touch with new clients. We also use Intertraffic as a platform to show new products and learn more about the market.”

As the industry is changing fast, and there are a lot of developments. Mr. Guist shared his view on the developments in the industry: “Nobody knows exactly where the industry will be in the near/mid future. We have to stay in touch with our customers to get a grip on what they really need and how we can fulfil their needs at best. Emerging road technologies have lots of great potentials to create intelligent infrastructure and transform mobility into a new dimension. In cooperation with our customers, the right changes are definitely possible.”

According to Mr. Guist, their innovation can definitely help to make Mexico City a better city. With their sensors and systems, they can create a lot of great applications. With this, they hope to improve and enhance productivity, reduce congestions, decrease carbon emissions from traffic, improve public health and make roads safer.

Spotlight on Sensorline

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