ITSUP SWARCO challenge winner MicroTraffic

2 years on: Catching up with ITSUP 2022 SWARCO Challenge winner MircoTraffic (now part of Miovision)

Thursday, 29 February 2024

Two years on from Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022, we caught up with the ITSUP SWARCO challenge winner Craig Milligan from MircoTraffic (now part of Miovision) to learn all about the impact that ITSUP has had on accelerating their growth within a competitive market. 

1. Reflecting on your experience post-ITSUP, what significant impact or changes has winning the SWARCO challenge had on your company? How has it influenced your business growth and development?

ITSUP gave us major exposure. This led to partnerships with 3 of the biggest companies in traffic where we built product intergrations. One of these partnerships was with Miovision, and Miovision ended up acquiring us 10 months after ITSUP. Joining Miovision allowed us to extend our reach, accelerate the launch of Continuous Safety Monitoring, and start playing a role in a comprehensive platform. 

2. Can you share some specific challenges you faced in the business landscape after ITSUP, and how did your participation in the event prepare you to overcome or navigate these challenges successfully? 

As a startup, finances are always a challenge. We had been hoping to raise money through contacts made at ITSUP. The time period after ITSUP 2022 was very challenging for fundraising due to macroeconomic events and global security issues. Thankfully for us we ended up with an M&A option that just made sense. 
3. Why did you choose to participate in ITSUP initially? Were there specific goals or expectations you had in mind, and how did the event align with your startup's mission and objectives?

We wanted exposure to prospective partners and investors in the ITS space. We definitely got that. We also wanted a low-cost way to exhibit to customers at Intertraffic. The small pod booth in the ITSUP area was fantastic for that and we got a lot sales leads at ITSUP from this booth.
4. In your opinion, what unique opportunities or advantages does ITSUP offer to startups that other platforms or events might not provide? How has ITSUP contributed to the success of your startup in ways that other avenues might not have been able to achieve? 

Its the biggest event in traffic technology. If you are ready to share your idea with the traffic world, ITSUP is the place to be. We also had a really special collaboration witht SWARCO emerge from ITSUP as a huge advantage. We did a rapid prototyping week with SWARCO a few months after ITSUP and built an integration of our safety data with the MyCity platform. 
5. For startups considering participation in ITSUP, what advice would you give them based on your own experience? How has the event played a role in shaping the trajectory of your startup, and why should other startups seriously consider being part of ITSUP?

I would say if you are ready to share your startup with the world and you have a compelling story that you are passionate about, you should definitely consider ITSUP. There is huge ROI from the visibility in the pitch sessions as well as the pod booths.
6. Is there anything else you would like to share with startups thinking of participating at ITSUP?

Make sure to have fun and network at Intertraffic. We stayed up pretty late most nights with new friends from SWARCO and other companies, and we made memories that will last for a long time.