21 - 24 April 2020

Smart mobility Embassy

The gateway to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands

Do you need Dutch expertise and capabilities?

Welcome to the Smart Mobility Embassy, a special gateway to knowledge and experience and access to the complete testing chain in the Netherlands. Created by the Dutch, The Smart Mobility Embassy offers expertise with the aims of encouraging international parties to carry out testing in the Netherlands and exporting Dutch knowledge. 

During Intertraffic Amsterdam you can find the Smart Mobility Embassy in hall 8.

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The Netherlands as a test country

The Smart Mobility Embassy was officially launched at the European ITS Congress in Strasbourg on 20 June 2017. The Embassy acts as a gateway to all Dutch knowledge and expertise in the field of Smart Mobility. The Netherlands has the ambition to be and remain a frontrunner in the field of Smart Mobility test facilities worldwide. The Smart Mobility Embassy was set up to join forces. A one-stop shopping counter for international interested people in Smart Mobility in the Netherlands.

Why a special Embassy?

Many parties are interested in developing activities in the Netherlands. For these international parties, a clear Dutch ambition, a joint story and a contact point to the right parties in the Netherlands and possibly also to other European countries are a reason to start in the Netherlands. By attracting these parties, the Netherlands will have the opportunity to remain a frontrunner in Smart Mobility.

How does the Smart Mobility Embassy work?

The Smart Mobility Embassy functions as an intermediary, bringing parties who need Dutch expertise and capabilities in the area of Smart Mobility together with Dutch parties who can offer these services. The Smart Mobility Embassy is a public-private network within which national and local authorities, knowledge institutions and companies make their knowledge, experience and testing capabilities available. The Smart Mobility Embassy, the gateway to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands; acts as an intermediary between the Netherlands and the rest of the world: government-to-government, business-to-government, government-to-business and business-to-business.


Why the Netherlands? 

A number of unique selling points:

Infrastructure: The Netherlands offers one of the best infrastructures in the world, it tops the rankings in terms of connectivity, offers ITS using high-speed broadband and has 98% of all households coverage and national 4G coverage;

  • Access to the complete testing chain
  • Strong public-private cooperation
  • Gateway to Europe legislative changes (contact point for parties wanting to test in the Netherlands)

Clear ambition of the Netherlands

A clear goal makes the Netherlands interesting for foreign countries, the clear ambition of the Netherlands in the field of Automated Driving is an example of this. For the Smart Mobility Embassy, goals are formulated in order to promote on an international level, such as:

  • The Netherlands is ready for level 4 automation in 2019
  • A social goal (zero emissions / accidents / congestion)
  • Increase safety and traffic flow in the short and long term, and for this it is essential to gain insight into how this can be done and what is needed
  • Aim on legislation for Smart Mobility (level 5 is allowed in all areas)
  • Focus on the city (to join Smart City initiatives)

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Activities of the Smart Mobility Embassy

National contact point

The Smart Mobility Embassy is a contact point for foreign parties who are interested in using Dutch development and testing facilities or want to find out more about them. The Smart Mobility Embassy brings parties on the demand side into contact with parties from the Smart Mobility Embassy network.

Incoming missions and visits

The Smart Mobility Embassy is a contact point for incoming missions and visits and can develop a program tailored to the needs of the visitors concerned.

Outgoing visits

The Smart Mobility Embassy provides input for trade missions, study trips and trade fairs.