Mobility as a Service
at Intertraffic Amsterdam

The market for mobility solutions is developing enormously. Unfortunately, however, the most common transport solutions are still just the tip of the iceberg of all its possibilities. When integrating the various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand, the choice will be enormous.

Offering a diverse menu of transport options such as public transport, ride-, car- or bike-sharing, taxi or car rental/lease, or a combination thereof. But MaaS service also means creating new business models and new ways to organise and operate the various transport options.

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MaaS at Intertraffic Amsterdam

At Intertraffic Amsterdam we will discuss these challenges with major stakeholders in the MaaS field.

  • The importance of integration
  • Pushing openness of data
  • The roles of the different players
  • Ways of getting from sensor to service

All with the aim of providing an alternative to the use of the private car and to help to reduce congestion and constraints in transport capacity.

MaaS in The Netherlands

Mobility as a Service is also taking shape in the Netherlands. Different parties are combining new solutions for the user’s flexible, sustainable and affordable mobility needs. The central issue is the convenience of being able to travel seamlessly and in optimal freedom and to have access to all modalities. But this requires different forms of cooperation, new market parties, a different role for the government and smarter use of available data and IT.

Cooperation is key

Cooperation is 'key' to be able to exploit MaaS services. The Taskforce MaaS, enabled by Connekt, accelerates MaaS in the Netherlands, partly as a result of the rollout of various components necessary to form a MaaS service, such as new payment methods, forecasting models, other mobility services and possible application areas.

Mobility as a Service will therefore have a strong presence on the exhibition floor with global and European platforms such as MaaS Global and MaaS Alliance. The same goes for major stakeholders such as Siemens, Kapsch, PTV, WHIM, Ridecell and OEMS switching from car manufacturers to networked Mobility Service Providers.

Special MaaS Routing

For the Intertraffic visitors many interesting presentations, debates and panel discussions will be offered as well as a special MaaS-routing with pitches from MaaS suppliers followed by debates and discussions on the Acquire Publishing knowledge café.

So come and meet the many MaaS related suppliers gathered at Intertraffic Amsterdam!

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