European Truck Platooning Challenge

EU Truck Platooning Challenge

European Truck Platooning Challenge joining Intertraffic : RAI Amsterdam 5-8 April 2016

You will find the European Truck Platooning Challenge at the Smart Mobility Center, hall 9, stand number 09.308.

Truck Platooning comprises a number of trucks equipped with state-of-the-art driving support systems – one closely following the other. This forms a platoon with the trucks driven by smart technology, and mutually communicating.

At the stand you will see a movie-presentation with all information about truck platooning: the technics behind platooning, the benefits, the need to work together, the joined vision in Europe…and a very unique momentum: the landing of the first EU Truck Platooning Challenge at Maasvlakte II on April 6th!

All trucks of the landing you will see in front of the RAI venue. The trucks of DAF, Daimler, Iveco, MAN, Scania en Volvo have the latest technics to make platooning reality in the near future.


The EU Truck Platooning Challenge: next step to realisation

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for the truck industry to conduct large-scale testing with platoons of trucks in various EU member states. Improving cooperation between manufacturers and the authorities is key to this. The Challenge is a platform enabling all partners to mutually reinforce their efforts. This is a truly European project, because platoons will cross national borders on public roads for the first time ever. The Platooning Challenge therefore starts off as a showcase for technology, yet we hope the European Commission will follow up on the initial findings with EU projects to collect scientific data. This could well lead to more demos and eventually to an accelerated market rollout of truck platooning.

ITA - SMC European Truck

Truck Platooning: creating new benefits

Truck platooning is a great opportunity for Europe. The European truck industry, ICT and telecom sectors are ready for the next step in smart mobility. Together, the EU member states could give European Truck Platooning a boost. The more time we invest in cooperation at the start of this road to innovation, the less time we will have to devote later on to fine-tuning, harmonisation and standardisation.
To this end, EU member states are invited, right now, to:

  • Build corridors for truck platooning (by creating conditions) through their national road authorities
  • Implement innovations that improve safety, efficiency and the environment
  • Enable this boost for the position of the European truck industry
  • Create economic growth in the traffic and transport sector

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment: initiator for Smart Mobility

The Netherlands firmly believes in the potential for significant change in road mobility with the introduction of cooperative ITS systems. Innovations in this field should allow us to improve traffic flows on our roads in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact, and can be an important boost to Europe’s competitive strength, job opportunities and growth. We believe a coordinated approach at a European level and closer cooperation between governments and stakeholders would be required to allow these innovative systems to become available on the market. For this purpose, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will initiate an ongoing dialogue on smart mobility between member states, the European Commission, industry and knowledge institutes for which the Dutch Presidency in 2016 will only be the start. To support this dialogue, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment initiate the first European Truck Platooning Challenge of 2016.

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