Intertraffic Award Winners

Award winners announced at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 opening ceremony

Tuesday, 16 April 2024

At the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Amsterdam today the three winning entrants were announced for this year’s Intertraffic Awards. Chairman of the awards jury Pieter Litjens, took to the stage in the packed main theatre, to reveal the three winners chosen from the shortlist of 15 nominees. Intertraffic is running from 16 to 19 April in RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A theme that marked out two of the winners was noise reduction. Italian company See won the Intrertraffic Green Globe Award for its highly innovative Whisper NB-Eco-40-A3 acoustic panels, while UK-based Intelligent Instruments won for its SoundVue noise-enforcement camera system in the Intertraffic User Experience Award category. Meanwhile, the coveted Intertraffic Inspiration Award, was won by another British company Valerann, which particularly impressed the jury with its advanced real-time data analytics platform Lanternn by Valerann.

Litjens, who is director of CROW, the knowledge institute for infrastructure, public space and mobility – and the other members of the jury:  Margriet Van Schijndel, programme director for Responsible Mobility, TU/e; Jorrit Weerman, founder and CEO of the Parking Network, Adam Hill, editor of ITS International and Tom Stone, editor, TTi and Intertraffic World – spent an entire day hearing presentations from the 15 nominated companies before eventually coming to a joint decision on the winners, after some heated debate.

A statement from the jury reads:
All the nominees to this edition of the Intertraffic Awards were of an incredibly high standard, which gave the jury an extremely difficult task to pick just one winner in each of the three categories.

SEALED AIR® Brand Whisper® Acoustic Panels by SEE

"Whisper acoustic panels certainly weren’t the only product focusing on reducing noise from road transport. However, they were, the jury felt, worthy of the Intertraffic Green Globe Award due to not only their innovative low-CO2 production method but also that they completely do away with the need for any surrounding casing to protect them so that they can be easily attached to any existing wall, and last for at least 50 years. The sheer usability – instantly reducing the materials required for building noise barriers – and also their recyclability meant See Whisper can make a real, immediate difference to carbon footprints."

SoundVue by Intelligent Instruments Ltd.

"Sound barriers help reduce background noise from traffic, however, sometimes certain individual vehicles can be so loud that they break the law. Until recently enforcing such laws was challenging. But now, Intelligent Instruments has created SoundVue. Using a combination of video, AI and ANPR, SoundVue can detect and fine vehicles that break legal noise levels. The jury felt this represents a new trend in enforcement but the key reason that SoundVue was deemed worthy of the Intertraffic User Experience Award was due to its elegant user interface and the ease with which the enforcement process can be automated."

Lanternn by Valerann™ by Valerann

“The Intertraffic Inspiration Award went to Valerann for creating Lanternn by Valerann, a traffic management platform that seamlessly integrates all the very latest data sources and delivers them in such a dynamic and uniquely actionable way that the jury felt it to be one of the most versatile and usable innovations ever seen. It takes familiar concepts in traffic optimisation and delivers them in such a highly accurate way, that it enables a new level of real-time reactions, that the jury believes it will inspire urban mobility management for years to come.”

At the end of the opening ceremony, the Intertraffic Amsterdam show floor was officially declared open and the event’s knowledge sessions commenced, with ceremony attendees dispersing amid an atmosphere of excitement.