Meet the Intertraffic team

Meet the Intertraffic team

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The transportation industry is in the midst of a technological revolution and the team at Intertraffic are on hand to guide you through the evolving environment.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in transport. Certainly, there are significant challenges, particularly surrounding rising global population density and vehicle emissions, which must be addressed even as traveler expectations continue to rise. But there are also smarter-than-ever solutions available.

Luckily, when it comes to trying to make sense of it all, Intertraffic shows around the world enable visitors to keep ahead of the curve by showcasing the latest technology from established providers and startups, as well as delivering conference programs led by some of the world’s most influential thought leaders.

Meet the Intertraffic team>

Right: The Intertraffic team (left to right) Greg Posey, Sales Consultant; Carola Jansen-Young, Senior Brand Marketing Manager; Joyce de Winter, Exhibition Manager Intertraffic Amsterdam and Istanbul; Roy Koning, Sales Consultant; Fleur Kaldenberg, Content & Community Marketeer; Richard Butter, Director Traffic Technology; Wanda Luinenburg, Brand Marketing Executive; and Editha Hoogenberg-Derksen, Exhibition Manager Intertraffic Mexico and China. Also part of the team, though not pictured, Rogier Peijster, Sales Consultant; and Puck Schmitz-Huber, International Event Operations Manager

“The global traffic technology and mobility industry is going through a massive transition,” says Joyce de Winter, exhibition manager for Intertraffic Amsterdam and Istanbul. “Connectivity between the various disciplines and systems requires smart and intelligent solutions, so the transition of our industry is bringing new opportunities for all involved, while developments like urbanization, digitization, automation and energy transition, bring new business models for improving safety, efficiency and sustainability of transport.”

To ensure that the data is rich enough, all relevant players in our industry need to be willing to share data and see the advantage and opportunities that new business models will bring"
- Joyce de Winter exhibition manager Intertraffic Amsterdam and Istanbul


Amsterdam focus
Amsterdam is the home of Intertraffic and the biennial event held at the city’s RAI exhibition center is the largest in the calendar. Therefore it is with great excitement that Intertraffic’s director of traffic technology, Richard Butter considers changes and highlights for April 2020.

“We recently redefined our exhibitor segmentation to reflect the dynamics of a contemporary mobility ecosystem,” says Butter. “You will see the first changes at the next Amsterdam show, our 25th edition. Intertraffic has a significant reach and we want to use our strength to play our part in speeding up the mobility transition. Our content, both in the knowledge program during events as well as year-round, translates global industry issues into practical examples, knowledge sharing and showcases. Our visual identity has also been given a good makeover, so we are fresh faced and ready for the future!”

There are already additional Intertraffic shows in Istanbul, Beijing, Shanghai and Mexico City. Considering whether there will be further shows added to the calendar, Butter is candid. “The next two years we will focus on building our brand with year-round communication, strong content and staying on top of the world with our Amsterdam show,” he says. “In some areas we also need to put more effort because of changing political and economic climate so we are busy enough these days. But you never know, Intertraffic is always open for opportunities.”

Open data
As part of the Intertraffic team, de Winter regularly meets key players shaking up the mobility industry at shows around the world, and discovers new and innovative ways to relieve congestion and make our roads safer. Excited as she is about the situation, she’s all too aware that new answers to age-old problems bring fresh challenges – such as the need to get all stakeholders to share data.

“The current transition is causing some serious headaches for the traffic industry,” she says. “One major challenge is to manage the ever-increasing need for the movement of people and goods. Urban areas need to be more accessible, liveable and sustainable. High quality data from varied sources will define the largest part of the behavior of road users, but to ensure that the data is rich enough, all relevant players in our industry need to be willing to share data and see the advantage and opportunities that new business models will bring them. Everyone needs to adapt or change their businesses to stay in the game.”

New solutions
Intertraffic shows are a catalyst for change. At the Intertraffic Amsterdam show in April 2020, for example, a space designated for startups will help stimulate growth in every area of the traffic technology ecosystem. The ITSUP 2020 is a dedicated platform where startups can pitch their innovative solutions and connect with suitable partners, giving them an opportunity to present themselves to a large international audience of traffic technology professionals. 

It is an illustration of what sets the Intertraffic brand apart from other events. “Intertraffic offers the complete spectrum of traffic management, infrastructure, smart mobility, parking and road safety,” notes de Winter. 

“Important players from the industry will be present and the combination of the wide range of specialists on our show floor with the Intertraffic Smart Mobility Summit can play an important role in bringing the complete industry – from low to high tech – the right tools, information or opportunities for cooperation with other specialists, to stay in the game. Our Summit program during Intertraffic Amsterdam is accessible for all visitors free of charge; sharing high level knowledge for free for everyone.” 

Almost a quarter of the 32,000 total visitors attended the varied theatre programs that took place at 2018’s Intertraffic Amsterdam show and the 2020 event promises to build on the high caliber of sessions. With three theaters across the site, thought leaders delivering content on topics such as big data, intelligent infrastructure, traffic management, autonomous driving and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the Amsterdam show enables real knowledge exchange.

But wherever you are in the world, Intertraffic can help you to understand the rapidly changing transport landscape, whether through one of its events, its website or in the pages of this magazine. Keep your eye out for even more exciting ways to access Intertraffic knowledge over the coming months. 


All around the world

Mexico City and Beijing are two key locations for Intertraffic shows in the coming months. Here’s more about the host nations Mexico.

Intertraffic Mexico takes place in Mexico City from November 12-14, 2019, you may even be reading this at the event. Latin America is one of the regions with the highest urbanization rates in the world (about 80%), so transportation solutions must attempt to address this challenge. 

“Congestion and accessibility are high on the agenda as attempts are made to improve the quality of life in the big cities,” says Editha Hoogenberg-Derksen, exhibition manager Intertraffic Mexico and China “Although the challenges are great, there are interesting and successful cases of shared mobility and e-hailing. With the new government in Mexico, investments in traffic infrastructure have been announced recently. This will result in business opportunities and exchange of knowledge between Mexico and other countries for the coming years.”

China represents one of the most important developing markets for transportation, something that visitors to the Intertraffic show in Beijing (June 18-20, 2020) will be able to take advantage of.

“China is not the country of copy cats and low tech products anymore,” says Hoogenberg-Derksen. “Now high-level technology comes from China. For example, there are fast developments in electric vehicles and autonomous driving. All cities need a tailor made approach in terms of infrastructure and technology. Zero emission is top priority for the Chinese government. Autonomous driving has become part of the national shared mobility plan in China. It is not a matter of how but when. With all these fast developments in mobility Chinese companies need more knowledge, solutions and products to meet high demand.”


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