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Thursday, 24 November 2022

Giorgi Mamadashvili, Owner and Chairman of the board of Georgia’s leading traffic technology company, Elite Technology LLC, answers Intertraffic’s questions.

Giorgi Mamadashvili is the founder and chairman of the management board of the Tbilisi-based traffic solutions company Elite Technology. The company is the leading exponent of innovative road infrastructure technologies throughout the Caucasus region of Europe, notably road marking equipment, video surveillance technology, bike lane demarcation and emergency evacuation plans.

Giorgi, can you tell our readers a little bit about your business background before we focus on Elite Technology?

Yes, of course. I am also one of the founders and shareholders of micro-finance organization Creditservice+. The company is a reliable financial partner in Georgia and our corporate motto is “the essence of co-operation is truth”. The company was founded in 1999 and serves 75,000 customers per month through 26 branches in Tbilisi.

Let’s concentrate on Elite Technology. You have exhibited at the last two Intertraffic Amsterdams (2018 and 2022) and Intertraffic Turkey but for anyone who didn’t stop and talk to you and your colleagues on your stands, can you explain what it is that Elite does?

Elite Technology is known for its road marking technology in order to improve driver safety. The company was formed in 2008 and participates in states, private and international tenders for traffic technology projects, of which we have completed more than 1,000, both large and medium-sized. These include projects supported by international funds from the European Union and the European Investment Bank. We work in several countries across Europe, not just in our home country.

Our Company is one of the largest in the the road marking and road infrastructure sectors in Georgia and the whole Caucasus region. We are highly specialized in customer service and we are very familiar with all innovative technologies in the road marking sphere.

Because of our vast experience and innovative methods, we can carry out work in any season of the year and in any country and in any weather conditions such as snow, rain, high humidity and frost

What would you say are Elite Technology’s main goals?

It’s very simple, really. Our goal is to protect people's lives and health, according to our planned safety schemes. We’ve developed an innovative method, using a special Danish device, to artificially raise the temperature of the coating to an acceptable level in cold conditions. In the near future, Elite Technology will be implementing various road marking and infrastructure projects worldwide. Because of our vast experience and innovative methods, we can carry out work in any season of the year and in any country and in any weather conditions such as snow, rain, high humidity and frost.

Do you keep an eye on road marking developments in other countries in order to keep ahead of the game, as it were, in Georgia?

Oh yes. We are constantly aware of all the road infrastructure innovations on the international market and are implementing them in Georgia. We have extensive experience in the field of road marking and not only have we introduced various new and innovative methods, we have shared them with European partners.

What other countries do you look to, typically, for inspiratiOn and for potential partnerships?

In terms of alliances we are looking at Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, countries from where we take all this experience, best practice and knowledge. We use their experiences for education purposes and then transfer that knowledge to Georgia to implement it in our urban transport development projects. As I said previously we have already undertaken some big development projects outside of Georgia in our neighbour countries and we are looking to move further outside of our country, too.

If a company from outside Georgia wishes to tender for projects in your country that may be outside of your technology area, how do they need to go about it? Would you recommend that they try to find a local partner, as they would typically do in China, for example?

Firstly I would like to say that any company that wants to communicate and partner with ship to Georgian companies would be most welcome if they have interesting projects. We, as a company and a country, are ready to cooperate and to be partners of any European companies.  

One of this company's main strengths is our staff – we have very highly educated and knowledgeable employees. The Georgian government and Tbilisi governments have been very supportive and strongly oriented towards companies who imply quality and who are reliable. This is, of course, what we are looking for in any potential European partners or partnerships.

I would like to think that in five years we would be one of the leading European road marking and road infrastructure companies

You’ve cornered the Georgian road marking market – what’s next for Elite Technologies? Where do you see the company in five years time?

I would like to think that in five years we would be one of the leading European road marking and road infrastructure companies. It’s an ambitious goal but we are working very hard in order to be the best in everything we do, and we use all possible opportunities to ensure we are offering the newest technology and that our staff, our engineers and our materials are of the highest quality possible.

Are there any barriers that you encounter on a daily basis that you will have to overcome in order to achieve your admittedly ambitious goals?

In Georgia, unfortunately, there is a lack of professionals in this field. So, because of this we are trying to send our employees to the best European countries who have the best and most relevant experience in the transport and infrastructure business and also invite them to come to Georgia to share their experience and knowledge with our management and our technical staff.

We offer help to local people who are interested in working in this sector. It’s very rewarding to see the knowledge base developing in this technology area in our country

To find out more about Elite Technology please visit their company profile.

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