ITSUP pitch winner telraam

2 years on: Catching up with ITSUP 2022 pitch winner Telraam

Thursday, 22 February 2024

Two years on from Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022, we caught up with the ITSUP Pitch winner Wouter Florizoone from Telraam to learn all about the impact that ITSUP has had on accelerating their growth within a competitive market. 

1. Reflecting on your experience post-ITSUP, what significant impact or changes has winning the startup pitch had on your company? How has it influenced your business growth and development?
It was a very positive experience and it has given a push for finding new international partnerships and expanding our network of traffic sensors in new countries where we did not yet have customers. In addition, technologically, it provided some exchanges that we have since implemented. A very valuable experience!  

2. Can you share some specific challenges you faced in the business landscape after ITSUP, and how did your participation in the event prepare you to overcome or navigate these challenges successfully?
Some specific challenges include expansion, scalability, specific standardisation and privacy law in certain countries. Some valuable contacts and the lecture programme allowed us to gather input and reflect on it with peers and support services. This was very useful.

3. Why did you choose to participate in ITSUP initially? Were there specific goals or expectations you had in mind, and how did the event align with your startup's mission and objectives?
 As a start-up with limited resources, both financial and human, but with a super-sized ambition and interest in learning about the "traffic" market, it was obvious that we would apply for ITSUP. Start-ups often share the same ambitions and struggles in terms of learning in the start-up phase. Being close to each other and being able to interact provides substantial added value.

4. In your opinion, what unique opportunities or advantages does ITSUP offer to startups that other platforms or events might not provide? How has ITSUP contributed to the success of your startup in ways that other avenues might not have been able to achieve?
 The fact that a separate platform is offered. That as a smaller player you don't have to "fight" for a spot or a speaking slot in the programme but that that is facilitated for you.

5. For startups considering participation in ITSUP, what advice would you give them based on your own experience? How has the event played a role in shaping the trajectory of your startup, and why should other startups seriously consider being part of ITSUP?
I advise other startups to initially come along as ITSUP participants, not yet as exhibitors. This way, you get to know the exhibition with all its facilities and offerings and can better assess whether there is "added value" for your product and service portfolio.