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Run-up to Intertraffic China 2023: An Interview with Carlos Ardon & Philippe Giacometti

Monday, 26 June 2023
Intertraffic had the pleasure of catching up with long-time Intertraffic exhibitors Philippe Giacometti from Tertu Équipements as well as Carlos Ardon from REBLOC Concrete Barriers. Together, we delved into the exciting opportunities and benefits that come with exhibiting at Intertraffic China.

Intertraffic: What is your relation to Intertraffic? And what is your experience with Intertraffic as a platform?

Philippe Giacometti (PG): Tertu and Intertraffic China go way back! We have been exhibiting since the first edition held in 2007. Since then, we have firmly established ourselves in the Chinese market. I am looking forward to exhibiting this year and being able to meet my international colleagues and partners face-to-face again. 
Carlos Ardon (CA): REBLOC Concrete Barriers and Intertraffic have a long-standing relationship. Ever since the founding of the company, REBLOC participated at Intertraffic Amsterdam. 
The Intertraffic events are an excellent platform to connect with decision-makers in the infrastructure sector. We have seen this during our participation at the past Intertraffic events in Mexico (2021+2022). Our presence there helped us in successfully finding a local partner, who produces REBLOC’s state-of-the-art systems under license partnership.


Tertu Installations in China

Intertraffic: How many times have you exhibited at Intertraffic China? 

CA: The 2023 edition will be our first time exhibiting at Intertraffic China. We are excited to explore our opportunities within the Chinese market, especially after the reopening of the country after the pandemic.
PG: As I mentioned already, Tertu has been exhibiting at Intertraffic China for 16 years and we are looking forward to being there this year again. 

Intertraffic: What are your expectations of Intertraffic China 2023?

PG: Having not been able to attend Intertraffic China in person for the last 4 years, we are most looking forward to seeing our international colleagues as well as refreshing and building new relationships. It is wonderful to be able to meet face-to-face again and collaborate on exciting projects. 
CA: We look forward to finding a license partner in China that produces our Precast Vehicle Restraint Systems.  


REBLOC installations in China

Intertraffic: How do you view the Chinese Market and what motivates you to enter the Chinese market?

CA: The Chinese market has enormous potential. REBLOC has made the most important step in crash-testing a precast concrete vehicle restraint system under the Chinese norm. The next step is to source a local partner, who seeks to manufacture our Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) under license in China.
PG: For Tertu, a leading company in the field of steel backed timber guardrails and a key actor worldwide of the road safety equipment markets, it was unavoidable to consider the approach of the Chinese market as a priority. Over the last 10 years, since we first entered the Chinese market, we have achieved significant projects in different provinces where Tertu crash barriers have been installed. We have also found out several quality sourcing options especially for steel components to be imported.

Intertraffic: Which trends or topics in the Traffic Safety Industry will be important in 2023 and in the coming years?

PG: Generally speaking, and not only in China, we believe that the Works Zones market will be booming in the coming years and Tertu’s intention is to become a key actor in this field.
CA: Reliable Vehicle Restraint Systems with a consistency in quality will gain in importance; just like multipurpose systems diversity that allow an adaptation to different working widths.  

If you would like to join Philippe and Carlos in exhibiting at Intertraffic China, please contact us at



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