Road-marking machines

Road-marking machines

Adam Baldwin
Friday, 18 January 2019

Vehicles that grind, groove and cut rumble strips, lay down markings and prepare surfaces are essential to road networks 

Waterblasting Technologies has announced its new name: Hog Technologies. The new name represents a combination of the Florida-based company’s first signature product, the Stripe Hog, and its products’ continuous technological breakthroughs in road marking removal and pavement maintenance. The organization has developed an entire Hog family of products – the Paint Hog, Rumble Hog, Surface Hog – that offers a wide variety of road marking system solutions to the industry.

Road marking machine 1: A waterblasting system
The award-winning, industry-leading road marking system Stripe Hog waterblasting system is used in 80 countries worldwide. For six consecutive years, it has won Roads & Bridges magazine’s prestigious Gold Award for pavement marking removal. The Stripe Hog, using 2,750 bar of water pressure, has, the company claims, the fastest removal rates in the industry for the removal of thermoplastic, cold plastic, two component, epoxy, tape, solvent and waterborne paint. The machine can also remove thermoplastic at 1,980 linear m/hr.

The Stripe Hog features: simultaneous removal of parallel markings with its double blasting heads in side-by-side configuration; rapid removal of single, continuous lines with its double blasting heads in tandem configuration; cleaning and rejuvenation of the retro-reflectivity of thermoplastic and cold plastic markings; and simultaneous vacuum recovery that allows for the application of new markings in as little as 15-20 minutes.

The Stripe Hog was designed and built by contractors, for contractors. Each Stripe Hog is rugged, reliable and has received praise from some of the most demanding contractors in the world.

Road-marking machines

Road marking macine 2: Laying lines
The Thermo Hog thermoplastic line truck is another new road marking machine from Hog Technologies. It can lay stripes down with speed and efficiency due to the revolutionary Hog Melter, which rapidly melts thermoplastic.

The Thermo Hog continuously melts thermoplastic at 3,628kg (8,000 lb) per hour, per color. It also has space to carry material in dry powder form, to be melted when needed. Significantly,
the machine only requires one person to load the thermoplastic into the melter on the truck; traditionally, this task would require two people.

Other features of the Thermo Hog include: its automatic conveyor, which reduces back injury and fatigue; its 45-minute start time, from cold thermoplastic to laying stripes, which reduces downtime; and its steady stream of hot oil passing through the melter, which melts the plastic all over – not just from the bottom, as with traditional melters.

Road marking machine 3: A customized machine
The Paint Hog applies waterborne markings to roadway and runway surfaces. Available in both atomized air and airless models, it is one of Hog Technologies’ most highly customizable vehicles. It allows the operator to use paint tank sizes, paint brands and bead guns, chassis and safety packages of their choice with it.

Road marking machine 4: Marking removal
The Rumble Hog can perform three pavement marking removal functions using one rear-mounted cutting unit.

As a single road marking machine operated by one person, it can grind pavement markings, cut grooves and cut rumble strips.

Road-marking machines

The Rumble Hog, (above), is fitted to a Mack GU432 single-cab chassis on North American roads.
However, the Rumble Hog can also be fitted internationally to a locally sourced chassis, as long as it meets the necessary engineering specifications.

Road marking machine 5: Surface cleaner
The HT1000SR Ground Hog is a walk-behind, self-rotating, 2,750 bar surface cleaner with speed control. Using no hydraulics and weighing only 55kg (121 lb), the Ground Hog makes it easy to clean up to 140m2 (1,500ft2) per hour.

The twistable handle position makes it easy for the operator to control the RPM (revolutions per minute). Each Hog Technologies product is tested in the field for more than 500 hours by the company’s technicians, or by contractors who have volunteered to work with and improve the new products.

Assistance on demand
Hog Technologies prides itself on its experienced team of customer service specialists, who are ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year – and in 175 languages, thanks to translators.

The goal of the customer support team is to ship 98% of parts orders in full on the same day that the order is placed to keep customers’ downtime to a minimum. To aid this endeavor, Hog Technologies opened a dedicated European office in the Czech Republic in 2018.

Other road marking machine solutions

The Trassar 131 Airless machine of Signature is a self-propelled ride-on machine with hydrostatic transmission, ideal for striping in urban areas and on road networks. For cold, water borne and 2 components (liquid/solid) paint applications.

T SIGN of ORE consists in a new range of preformed thermoplastic lines & symbols for road marking. T SIGN is applied with a burner. It is easy and quick to implement. This product is certified NF ASCQUER No. 3RH1373S1 and provides very high reflection (R4), high whiteness (Q4) and anti-skid properties (S1)

VOLKMANN & ROSSBACH has been founded in 1963. With the tradition and the know-how of more than 50 years we have been very successful in the field of road safety as well as road equipment and in the protection of nature and environment. VR-Group consists of 50 associated companies with highly skilled employees and specialists in different departments. More than 90 installation-teams are continuously installing and repairing our products on national & international road networks to ensure safety. One example is the EasyRail 3n which is an upgrade of the classic EasyRail Family. Equipped with 3-wave beams, the higher L2 Containment Level is covered by a large variety of systems: single-sided or dpuble-sided solutions are available for piling or bridge Installation with low working widths up to W2.

Originally published in Intertraffic World 2019, written by Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies USA nd has been updated.


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