10 - 13 MAR 2026 | Intertraffic Amsterdam 2026

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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022 Official opening

Governing cities through smart parking management and strategies

How Rotterdam and BMW collaborate to define a Livable City by experimenting

Fit for 55: the Dutch take on European climate legislation

The future of Regional Air Mobility

The future of parking and its ecosystem

Parking as a Service: helping cities optimize parking ecosystem.

Managing kerbside access and policy with digital evolution

Parking management as a game-changer for urban mobility

Smart Logistics in the South of the Netherlands

In-car traffic management by sharing data

Data Driven Traffic Management Combining Analytical Models and Machine Learning

Optimising traffic through cloud technology - for cleaner and greener cities.

In-car traffic management using C-ITS, a first step to autonomous driving

The digital road operator: traffic management in the Google era.

Solving complex challenges for improved Safety and Mobility Outcomes

Next-generation environmental traffic management

Weather and air quality information in optimizing smart traffic management

AI-Driven Intersection Safety Diagnostics and Proven Countermeasures

Sensor fusion and AI for safer & smoother traffic signal control

Environmentally-friendly intersection controls

Urban traffic management via access rights

How AID technology is changing intelligent road infrastructure

What does Google offer traffic professionals, and what not?

Next-gen AID using dual vision for fire detection and deep learning

Improving Safety and Mobility with Cloud AI and Automated Vehicles

Talking Traffic as a cornerstone of smart and sustainable cities

Safer Mobility with Artificial Intelligence

Commoditization of the Sidewalk

High Performance Pavement Markings Enhancing Camera and LIDAR Detection

ARGO, the extended platform for managing and monitoring the life cycle of Infra

European leadership in safe and sustainable road transport through automation

Smarter on roads with cameras