Attention investors seeking to tap into the thriving landscape of smart mobility innovation! Prepare to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of traffic technology startups at ITSUP, the exclusive platform within Intertraffic Amsterdam tailored for investors like you.Startups drive innovation and disruption within industries. ITSUP provides a curated selection of startups poised to revolutionise the traffic technology sector, offering solutions that address pressing challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Partnered with market-leading company Swarco AG, ITSUP offers a unique platform to discover investment opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and support the growth of promising startups.


what happens at itsup

SWARCO challenge

The challenge aims to foster collaboration among diverse startups, focusing on sustainability and road safety. Swarco, in collaboration with selected cities, will define specific themes. ITSUP participants are tasked with crafting a Proof of Concept during Intertraffic Amsterdam, guided by Swarco's experts.

Startups will present ideas and engage with city needs, aiming to transition the winning concept from idea to implementation with Swarco's support. The challenge emphasizes strategically aligning puzzle pieces to unlock the value of collaboration in Intelligent Transportation Systems, ensuring shared progress through innovation and partnerships.

Check out the challenge and pitch programme >

Pitch Competition

All participating startups are offered the opportunity to pitch their product/solution in the ITSUP arena. The pitches will be judged on:

  • Clarity and structure, 
  • Market potential,
  • Innovation and differentiation,
  • The extent to which the solution contributes to smart, safe, and sustainable mobility for all.

The winner of the pitch competition will receive a free booth at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2026.

Check out the challenge and pitch programme >


“SWARCO CONNECT: Exploiting the potential of intersection data”


Signalized intersections play a central role in overall traffic management and control. Real-time sensing & traffic light information extended with predictions* hold great potential in making our mobility networks efficient, safe, and comfortable. For example, this information can be sent to road users and analyzed (e.g. as part of GLOSA and other C-ITS services).

For the challenge, participating start-ups are encouraged to combine their expertise and explore the potential of intersection. Discover innovative use cases to make use of it! Address transversal topics that unlocks the data potential – take for example traffic light forecast, enabling applications for the connected vehicle. If a startup’s expertise isn‘t directly linked with Urban Traffic Control Data, they are encouraged to team up with another start-up! It is all about collaboration. 
*As an example, traffic light data & prediction will be shared, a demo based on a real intersection and access to the data endpoint will be provided during ITSUP.


6-months Acceleration Journey: with technical, business, and financial support for developing a prototype and implementing in the region of Munich, including a domain-specific training and a scale-up workshop.

What is expected from the startups participating in the challenge:

  • Address at least one transversal topic: Sustainability & Road Safety
  • Clear added value for road users & mobility network
  • Relevance to the city pain point

Nice to have:

  • Collaboration of start-ups: combined POC
  • Live demonstration

Evaluation criteria:

  • Innovative added values for users and the mobility network: Road users & City
  • Explain:
    • How do their data enhance traffic management/level of service?
    • What are the user groups you address?
    • How do you build on the existing infrastructure? What are the needed next steps for full realization?
    • What is the TRL Level?
    • How is it scalable?
  • Clear next steps for deployment: G2M
  • Market Readiness


For more information on the challenge, contact us on

ITSUP 2024 Participants

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  • Present your innovative solution,
  • Find launch partners,
  • Benefit from inspiring coaching sessions,
  • Initiate strategic partnerships with key players.


  • Solid business plan
  • Innovative intelligent solution
  • Globally applicable
  • Hyper-scalable
  • High feasibility factor
  • Less than 5 years in business

What you'll be a part of at Intertraffic:

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ITSUP participation details

ITSUP stand package includes:

- White participation unit - Visual LED A1 (Design in landscape) - Lockable storage - 1 x 3 kw electra - 1 x High chair - Daily cleaning - Wifi. 


43” screen > order via web shop & the possiblity to bring your own roll-up banner (max. 1m wide)


Startups can make the most of all ITSUP has to offer for just  € 995.00.