10 - 13 MAR 2026 | Intertraffic Amsterdam 2026

Intertraffic Connect | How it works

Grow your knowledge, network & business

The Intertraffic connect platform gives you the opportunity to meet new business relations and connect online, to get inspired by world class speakers who give insights into the latest developments in the sector, to experience product launches or to plan meetings live and online at Intertraffic Amsterdam.

See below a sneak peek of what to expect from the platform.

PLEASE NOTE: To get access to the Intertraffic connect platform, you must be registered for Intertraffic Amsterdam.

How to login to the Intertraffic connect platform

Follow these 3 steps:

Step 1

Step 2
Create an account
(you can only create an account after registering)
In your registration confirmation email, you will find the link to create your personal account for the Intertraffic connect platform.
In case you are unable to locate your registration confirmation email, please send an email to registration@rai.nl.

Step 3
Go to the Intertraffic connect platform and login with your account details
ENTER THE Intertraffic connect platform
(you can’t login to the platform without an account registration)

How to use the Intertraffic connect platform

Personal Profile


My Connections



No, both the camera and microphone functions are automatically switched off for all attendees.

Organisers and participants can interact using the live chat.

Audio of video from speakers may be subject to interference depending on your own or others' internet connections.


Please make sure that you have selected the correct audio mode and that your speakers or headphones are plugged in. Check the volume of your computer.

If you're confident everything is connected properly, your devices might be being used by another tool or application. Make sure tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams etc. have been closed prior to starting the session.

Operating System Minimum Requirements.
It is important that you can run the most recent version of our supported browsers. Below are the oldest operating systems that we can provide support for:

  • Windows - Windows 7 and later
  • Mac - macOS 10.10 and later
  • Linux - Any x64 based system

iOS Devices:

  • Using Safari - iOS 13 and later
  • Using Native iOS App - iOS 11 and later

Android Devices:

  • Android - Version 4.4 and later

If your problem is not listed please drop us an email and we will do our best to help you.

Please note the chat function in the session is intended to submit questions for our speakers.

When you would like to attend a session, you can add the session to your schedule via the agenda button. You will get a e-mail notification before your session starts.

Yes, you can ask questions to our speakers via the live chat.

Usually yes, but this is decided by the organisers and the session speakers themselves. To be sure ask the speaker or send an email to the organisers.

The content will be available after the event in the Intertraffic connect platform and video channel of the event.

In order to be able to watch the recording, you need to have added the sessions to your personal agenda. You can click on the session and watch the recording.

Our advanced AI-powered matchmaking platform uses natural language processing, advanced algorithms and deep neural networks to constantly learn about your professional goals and interests. It takes the work out of networking through intelligent matchmaking – making it more fun and giving you a higher return on your time.

If two users show interest in each other, they are able to chat with each other. If there is mutual interest, the person will appear under 'My connections'. You can then click the 'Chat' button to open a chat window. Requesting a meeting is scheduling a location and time for a meeting (offline or online) with a connection. This can be done via the 'request a meeting' button.

The Intertraffic connect platform allows you to network with other attendees and exhibitors, arrange meetings and identify potential business contacts.

The Intertraffic connect platform uses natural language processing and advanced algorithms to recommend networking opportunities. Alternatively, you can search for attendees/exhibitors directly or use the filters to find the right profile you’re looking to meet.

First, find the person you’d like to meet and click on their name to view their profile page, you’ll be able to mark them as ‘interested’ or send a meeting request directly.

A few options have been provided as locations for your meetings (your stand, beach, restaurant, meeting room, virtual meeting room) or you can specify somewhere else in the personal message area.

When a meeting request is accepted it will send a calendar invite to your email address.

The Intertraffic connect platform will display your professional information including name, job title and company. Information such as telephone number, email address or mail address will be displayed based on your profile settings (private, connections only or public).

  1. Log in on the web platform or mobile app;
  2. Once the meeting is accepted, the Virtual Meeting Room button will appear (if it’s pending or cancelled the Virtual Room won’t be available);
  3. The Virtual Meeting Room button will be clickable 5 mins before the scheduled call;
  4. Once you click on the Virtual Meeting Room button you’ll be directed to your virtual meeting room;
  5. You can go in and out of the Virtual Meeting Room within your scheduled meeting time, however, once the meeting time has expired you won’t be able to access your Virtual Meeting Room;
  6. Meeting duration is not limited;
  7. You’ll be able to share your screen, however, you will be unable to record your meeting.

If you log in to our Intertraffic connect platform for the first time, a pop-up window will take you through a few steps to set-up your profile, make sure to go through each step and fill out the appropriate information.

If you already are connected to our Intertraffic connect platform and you would like to update your information, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. You can add here a profile picture and fill in/adjust the answers on the profile questions.

  1. Open the profile page of the person you have a meeting with and display meeting details.
  2. On the list of participants you will find a 'Add invitee' button.
  3. Click on this button and search for people you want to meet. You will only find people you have permissions to meet with.
  4. You can select up to 10 people on a single invite and only select people who are available for relevant timeslot.
  5. Click 'invite'. Once this has been done, you will also see additional participants on the list; and each of them needs to accept the invite separately.

Do you need help? Contact us!

In case you are unable to locate the confirmation email or to access your account, please send an email to registration@rai.nl.