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Intertraffic Award Nominees

These are the nominees for the Intertraffic Awards 2022! The nominees each fall into one of the three award categories: Green Globe, Inspiration and User Experience. The new categories reflect three key drivers for the industry: sustainability; real-world deployment of new solutions; and the enhancement of the experience of technology users themselves. The Jury will select one winner per category. During the official opening of Intertraffic Amsterdam on the 29th of March the winners will be revealed.

Inspiration Award

LTR788 Dual Wheel Load Scales

Company: Intercomp
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 01/09/2021
Stand: 01.211


The LTR788 is a low-profile electronic wheel load scale capable of weighing individual tires in a dual tire configuration. This enables direct measurement of individual tire loading, which is a safety/inspection item around the world. Tire loading indicates tire condition, which impacts fuel economy, braking distance, and tire failure leading to accidents or debris on mainline roadways.


Company: Flowbird
This product is new in: Europe
Introduction date: 10/05/2021
Stand: 02.130, 10.308


Monapass is on all-in-app mobility available in Monaco since May 2021. It's free and allows to users to buy the mobility services such as ticketing for buses, for bike sharing and on street parking. Payment cards, subscriptions and payment methods are combined in a single application. Real time mobility service information makes easier, safer, faster the journey of residents and visitors.

Access Shield

Company: ASURA Technologies Ltd
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 02/03/2020
Stand: 10.322


Access Shield is an access control solution using license plate recognition and video analytics to guarantees high-security vehicle access control to mission-critical sites.

Acusensus 'Heads Up' solution

Company: Acusensus Pty Ltd
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 01/01/2020
Stand: 05.317


The Heads-Up enforcement solution has been designed to give authorities a tool to drive behavioural change on the road network, to reduce the prevalence of illegal driver behaviour, making our roads safer for all. Our solution captures high resolution, prosecutable evidence of people using their mobile phone whilst driving 24/7 in all weather conditions.

S.C.Re.W.S. (Save Crash Reinforcing Weak Soil)

Company: AISICO Srl
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 30/09/2019
Stand: 08.226


S.C.Re.W.S. is a device able to provide support to the posts of the safety barriers driven into weak embankments. This system has been designed to be installed where the soil can’t provide enough strength to the post to guarantee that the behaviour of the system on site is comparable with those observed during the ITT tests.

Green Globe Award

Autonomous Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE)

Company: Hayden AI
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 11/05/2021
Stand: 05.416


We developed a high-quality mobile camera that is mounted on the inside of bus windshields to observe the road geometry. The solution captures and processes video on the bus of illegally parked cars, sending a data package to the local traffic enforcement department, allowing public agencies to enforce traffic rules cost effectively.


Company: JENOPTIK Light & Safety
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 16/11/2021
Stand: 01.416


TraffiPole is a new sustainable design housing for road safety technology, made of recyclable aluminum. It’s highly functional, award-winning double-wall design enables efficient air circulation, eliminating the need for air conditioning even in very hot climates. This significantly reduces power consumption and thus CO2 emissions. Exterior solar panels can contribute to further energy savings.


Company: SWARCO AG
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 26/06/2019
Stand: 02.222, 02.236, 02.332


SWARCO X-LINE is an intelligent platform for energy-efficient intersections. It controls traffic light systems based on the concept of distributed, decentralized intelligence. With SWARCO X-LINE the energy consumption of an entire intersection is now comparable to the consumption of a single lamp in the past.


Company: SERNIS - Tecnologic Solutions
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 23/10/2020
Stand: 01.207


iMAPAV is an on-street smart parking system that will be implemented in Autonomous Vehicles (AV), allowing an AV to not only park itself, but find, reserve and pay for a parking spot in the city center. iMAPAV will help AV to find a parking spot by means of car integrated application. Each parking spot has a light signal and sensor that sends information to the Gateway through wireless network.

SmogStop Barrier

Company: GRAMM Barrier Systems
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 02/09/2018
Stand: 08.508


SmogStop is a dual-walled acrylic barrier & world’s 1st roadside barrier proven to reduce noise & air pollution. These reductions are made possible by the enhanced flow of air over & through the barrier & sunlight acting on a photocatalytic coating breaking down NOx & VOCs into harmless by-products. Independent field test in Canada confirmed daily/hourly reductions of up to 92%/95% respectively.

User Experience Award

ARGO Platform for infrastructure management

Company: MOVYON
This product is new in: Europe
Introduction date: 01/06/2021
Stand: 01.308


ARGO is the extended platform for managing and monitoring infrastructures’ life cycle. The Digital Engineering in a single solution: Complete digitization of infrastructures’ assets, Mobile APP and Digital Twin to support on-site and remote inspections, Artificial Intelligence for image recognition and defects’ analysis Integration of data collected by IoT sensors for structural monitoring.


Company: Trysil Maskin A/S
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 13/04/2020
Stand: 03.226


Innovative road marking printer for thermoplastic paint • Substitutes hand application of road symbols • Prints any symbol in live traffic • Automated application from symbol library • Truck mounted with TMA • Less traffic management • Reduces work accidents • Cost efficient

Toogethr Parking

Company: Toogethr
This product is new in: Europe
Introduction date: 01/06/2019
Stand: 07.304


It is our mission to simplify parking and empower the new generation of travellers. To fight old patterns and shift into a seamless experience. We give insights through smart technology for effortless parking.

UTC, Powered by SCOOT 7.

Company: TRL Software
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 06/11/2019
Stand: 05.441


UTC, Powered by SCOOT 7 is next generation traffic control. Designed with the user in mind, our UTC simplifies previously complex and lengthy processes. Built on a SaaS platform using external UX experts, it ensures that Traffic Engineers, whatever their skill level, can take control of the flow of traffic on their network, orchestrating a smooth journey for all road users.


Company: DataFromSky (RCE systems s.r.o.)
This product is new in: the World
Introduction date: 11/03/2020
Stand: 05.401


New traffic visual solver for many smart city applications including smart intersections, optimization of traffic lights, smart parking, crowd management and smart security and safety.