Intertraffic Mexico

Road safety


  • The National Road Safety Programme in Mexico is to implement good practices in road safety in order to reduce deaths and injuries resulting from road traffic collisions. The project focusses on reducing drink–driving and promoting seat-belt wearing.
  • The project is being implemented in Aguascalientes, Guadalajara, León, Merida, Toluca, Tuxtla Gutierrez. The combined population of these focus cities is around 6.7 million people.
  • In response to the growing incidence of road traffic crashes, Mexico has pledged an overly aggressive fatality reduction target of 50% by 2020.


  • For all LATAM countries accounts a sharp increase of motorization (including increasing proportions of motorcycles).
  • Young growing populations are significantly increasingly exposed to the risk of road traffic injury across all countries.
  • Latin America has a significant road safety problem and substantial actions are needed to reduce the road safety toll.
  • More than 23,500 pedestrians were killed on the roads in Latin America. In Latin America walking is an essential pillar of mobility. Walking is at the beginning and end of any trip and it is a daily necessity for many people who do not have access to other forms of transport. Increasing safety for pedestrians is a transport priority in all countries.