17 - 19 June 2025 | Centro Citibanamex - Mexico



Three new highway projects were finished at the end 2018 and another two will begin. The investment of USD 860 million in transportation infrastructure will improve connectivity between central Mexico and the rest of the country. Projects pending or done:

  • A four-lane, 74-kilometer highway between Atizapán and Atlacomulco in the State of Mexico.
  • Resurfacing the 185 kilometers on the Mexico City–Queretaro highway. On this highway, 140 kilometers will have been replaced with hydraulic cement and the other 45 kilometers with high-quality asphalt.
  • A five-kilometer elevated section of the Viaducto freeway in Mexico City that will also provide a transport link to the new airport.
  • A new two-kilometer section of the Mexico City-Toluca highway.


Latin America is one of the regions with the highest urbanization rates in the world (about 80%), it is essential to identify which strategies are most effective in reducing the costs of congestion and improving accessibility, as well as how this may substantially improve the general public’s quality of life and productivity. Successful initiatives are:

  • The establishment of roads exclusively for vehicles with more than one passenger.
  • Transport cost subsidies.
  • The implementation of rapid transit systems. Bicycle usage incentives.
  • The extension and improvement of street, avenue, highway, road, railway and underground networks.