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White Paper 

Implementing new mobility policies like congestion charging can meet a lot of resistance. Use therefore existing measures like paid parking or low emission zones to not only steer mobility but also to prepare people for more radical changes. 



be-mobile urban access management

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Included in the white paper:

  • Setting the scene: Cities must address societal, organizational and financial challenges, whilst operating in a scattered mobility landscape.
  • Implementing mobility rules: To effectively steer mobility, a city must implement those rules that address its specific challenges and that result in the desired outcome.
  • Urban Access Control Center: An urban access control center puts the city at the helm and lets it control all mobility on its territory. 
  • About the Authors: Jan Cools and Wouter Van de Wiele are both experts in the field of mobility. Thanks to their conversations and projects with mobility stakeholders they have an excellent view on the latest trends and developments in the Mobility Landscape.