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Intertraffic offers our mobility professionals an online platform on which we share knowledge. We organise free to attend webinars on a regular basis together with mobility professionals sharing their opinion on parking, infrastructure, smart mobility, traffic management and road safety.


ITD webinar 1512

The path to autonomous driving

15 December 2020

A live and online debate with Richard Bishop (Bishop Consulting), Marieke Martens (Eindhoven University) and Rik Nuyttens (3M). Recording and written report can be found here or watch via MyIntertraffic.


Digital infrastructure to cater for more data flows

24 November 2020

With Rita Okcuoglu (Mastercard), Chris Holmes (West Midlands 5G) and Christoph Seybold (Kapsch). Read the text summary or watch via MyIntertraffic.

webinar 27-10

Parking as integral part of seamless travelling experience

27 October 2020

With Esther van der Meer (Park Now), Peggy Mertiny (Cerema) and Thierry Brusseaux (Flowbird). Read the text summary or watch the recording via MyIntertraffic.

webinar 2909

Connected road users need connected road networks

29 September 2020

With Shayan Afshar (Navtech Radar), Martin Bohm (Austriatech) and Paul Potters (Monotch). Read the text summary or watch the recording via MyIntertraffic.

ITD webinar 2508

Smart technologies to improve road safety

25 August 2020

With Dr. Bill Sowell (IRF), Serge van Dam (Rijkswaterstaat) and Roy Fridman (Foretellix). Read the text summary or watch the recording via MyIntertraffic.

ITD webinar 1407

How COVID-19 speeds up sustainable mobility

14 July 2020

Paul Hutton spoke to Don Guikink (Breda University), Jill Warren (European Cyclists' Federation) and Giles Bailey (Vianova). Read the text summary or watch via MyIntertraffic.

ITD webinar 2306

Smart parking optimising the customer journey

23 June 2020

Carlo van de Weijer interviewed Julian O'Kelly (British Parking Association), Florian Schneeberger (SKIDATA) and Ben Boutcher-West (Appyway). Read the text summary or watch via MyIntertraffic.

ITD webinar 2605

Smart measures to avoid post-Corona traffic congestions

26 May 2020

Carlo van de Weijer spoke to Jorn de Vries (Flitsmeister) and Max Eichhorn (Siemens). Read the text summary or watch via MyIntertraffic.


ITD webinar 2104

The impact of COVID-19 on the mobility industry

21 April 2020

Carlo van de Weijer spoke to Aurelien Cottet (Transdev), Paul Speirs (PTV Group) and Chris de Veer (Province of Noord-Holland). Read the text summary or watch the recording via MyIntertraffic.

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