Intertraffic Global

Intertraffic currently does not have an event scheduled in Istanbul, Turkey.

Intertraffic remains connected with Turkey and the surrounding countries through other activities. During the Intertraffic Amsterdam event in 2024 various cities and regions from all corners of Europe were given podium to present their challenges to solution providers.

Every country deserves safe and sustainable mobility. With attendees from over 140 countries to network with, close to 900 global exhibitors and an extended conference programme, Intertraffic Amsterdam covers the needs for insights and knowledge beyond borders.

In all its stakeholders interest, Intertraffic remains focused on staging Amsterdam as a unifying global platform for mobility specialists whilst exploring new opportunities in dynamic, fast growing and economically stable markets as well as developing regional hubs for specific audiences.

For more information or engagement opportunities, contact the Intertraffic team on or +31.20.5491212