Intertraffic Award

Intertraffic Award 2024 nominees announced

Friday, 2 February 2024

The final shortlist of nominations for the Intertraffic Awards 2024 has been announced, with a total of 15 new mobility innovations recognised! The winners will be revealed during the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Amsterdam, the leading global gathering for the traffic technology and mobility sector. The 2024 edition is set to be the biggest edition to date with over 900 exhibiting public and private organisations exhibiting in 13 halls. The Intertraffic Summit & Demonstration Programme with 110 sessions is incorporated in the event floor. 35,000 industry professionals and representatives from cities and regions from some 140 countries are expected. Intertraffic Amsterdam will be staged from 16-19 April 2024 at RAI Amsterdam.

The three Intertraffic Awards up for grabs are: the Green Globe Award, which symbolises innovation that delivers significant environmental benefits; the Inspiration Award, which highlights groundbreaking products inspiring the industry in new directions; and the User Experience Award, which recognises excellence in control systems for the end user. There are five nominees in each of the three categories, representing mobility solutions manufacturers from 11 different countries.

The five industry experts who make up the Intertraffic Awards Jury spent many hours deliberating over all 75 entries to this year’s awards, with each jury member applying individual scores before the entire panel, chaired by Pieter Litjens, came together to debate the merits of each innovation, and eventually whittled the entries down to the final 15. In the next stage of the judging process each of the nominees will be invited to the Jury Day in March at the RAI Amsterdam exhibition centre, the home of Intertraffic, to present their innovations and answer questions from the jury.

Nominees Intertraffic Green Globe Award

G-SIGN Way by EZ GROUP - South Korea – stand 08.466
G-SIGN Way, the world's first modular sign using light guide film technology, solves the problems of high-power consumption and night readability of existing signs, with its EZ Free Sheet – a light emitting film developed by special pattern optical adhesion technology. By recycling existing road signs, it contributes to improving environmental problems, reducing government budgets, and improving public convenience.
KEHV – Kinetic Energy Harvesting from Vehicles by Movyon – Italy – stand 01.228
KEHV is an innovative platform capable of converting the kinetic energy generated by the passage of vehicular traffic into electrical energy. It is based on a device inserted within the asphalt where vehicle usually decelerate (e.g; toll lanes, service areas entry) and it is supported by predictive models that can estimate the energy production. It is the first of these kinds of solutions which has been integrated into a highway infrastructure and opened to real traffic flow.
SEAL – Safety Enabled Adaptive Lighting by Invision AI & Ex Machina – Greece – stand SUP05.20
SEAL enables adaptive lighting on motorways to generate energy savings of up to 70%. SEAL is a situationally-aware system that fuses data from multiple sources – including real-time weather conditions that effect visibility and high-integrity automatic incident detection (AID) generated by AI-powered cameras – to determine the safest lighting level set point with the maximum energy saving.
SR-ECO-BALI by SERNIS – Portugal – stand 01.207
SR-ECO-BALI is SERNIS's eco-friendly bollard crafted from challenging-to-decompose optical-fibre cables. A sustainable solution addressing difficult decomposition, it improves urban mobility, showcasing our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.
Whisper NB-Eco-40-A3 acoustic panels by Sealed Air – Italy – stand 08.765
Whisper NB-Eco-40-A3 is a new, sustainable solution for acoustic absorption in noise barrier walls. This recyclable product can offer close to 25% reduction in CO2 emissions over similar mineral wool solutions. It has category A3 absorption performance, with 5-6dB in-situ reflection and a 50-year acoustic working life to EN 14389-1. Moreover, it is so durable, that protective covers may be eliminated.

Nominees Intertraffic Inspiration Award

Audio-AI-Based Road Hazard Information System by SK Planet - South Korea – stand 08.466
Audio-AI-Based Road Hazard Information System (ARHIS) is a solution that allows AI to check and respond to road hazards such as icing (including black ice) and wetness by analyzing driving sounds and determine road surface conditions in real time. It also detects car accidents based on skid and crash sound sto prevent collateral accidents. Fog detection feature will be added in 3Q 2024.
HiSensitive Lane by Movyon – Italy – stand 01.228
This innovative system from Movyon is based on an IoT LED lighting device installed on the roadside barrier. This is integrated with sensors that detect road conditions and traffic events and send data to the Traffic Management Platform. Based on the information provided, the platform remotely ensures that the lighting adapts to the detected conditions and alerts travellers in case of danger.
Lanternn by Valerann – United Kingdom – stand 05.415
Lanternn is an advanced real-time data analytics platform for road traffic operations, optimisation and improvements. By ingesting and analysing data from all available road-data sources, the software platform delivers holistic overview of real-time traffic situation, improves operators’ situational awareness, and empowers accurate, actionable data-driven decision-making.
Meridian Archer-Guard by Meridian Rapid Defense Group - United States – stand 08.668
The new modular Archer-Guard protects people, workers, drivers and equipment with a truly modular solution that can fit any road work situation. Whether the system protects a flagged, a team of workers doing overhead work, ditch work or manhole work, the Archer-Guard adds protection to every situation. Where TMAs (truck-mounted attenuators) cannot fit, due to their size, Archer-Guard is the perfect protection option.
RiskAware – Multimodal Road Safety Data Product by Vianova - France – stand 03.214D
As cities worldwide strive for Vision Zero targets by 2050, Vianova’s software solution utilizes data analytics and smart technology to make roads safer for all travellers. Focusing on the imperative need beyond past accident locations, RiskAware empowers cities to leverage diverse data sources to generate novel insights, assess relative risks, and evaluate the efficacy of safety measures.

Nominees Intertraffic User Experience Award

DataFromSky FLOW Emissions by DataFromSky - Czech Republic – stand 01.511
DataFromSky FLOW Emissions is a revolutionary video-enhanced traffic-emissions monitoring solution. Harnessing state-of-the-art video-based traffic sensor technology, it provides collaborative support for traffic participants, optimizing flow and operational efficiency. This innovative solution establishes a multi-emission model, accurately estimating exhaust, non-exhaust, and noise emissions.
PTV FLOWS by PTV Group – Germany – stand 02.216
PTV Flows is SaaS (software-as-a-service) that allows traffic operators to monitor and predict traffic without the need for extensive resources. It comes with a network map that is updated automatically and FCD data from a major provider with extensive coverage. It provides automatic alerts by GUI or email to allow proactive responses. It is suitable for agencies of all sizes and deployed in less than one hour.
SKIDATA Connect by SKIDATA - Austria – stand 02.100
SKIDATA Connect revolutionizes urban mobility with the user-friendly LinPark 2.0 App, guiding drivers easily to on- and off-street spots. This easy-to-install system reduces search time, cuts emissions, and unifies parking and EV charging in a seamless experience. It shifts end-user behaviour towards sustainable mobility, ensuring a superior user experience for visitors and citizens alike.
SoundVue by Intelligent Instruments – United Kingdom – stand 05.124
SoundVue combines a Class 1 sound analyser with high resolution cameras. SoundVue’s algorithms detect excess noise from nuisance vehicles – from exhausts, horns or music. When it triggers, data points are uploaded to the cloud. In addition, the microphone array identifies the dominant vehicle and directs the ANPR cameras to focus on and read the number plate of the offending vehicle.
Traffio Software by – Australia – stand 05.355C
Traffio is an innovative and comprehensive scheduling and operations platform designed specifically for the temporary traffic management (TTM) industry. The software prioritises user experience with simple layout, readability, and strategic imagery, to enable a natural workflow for scheduling and operations that integrate with other software. Traffio's USP lies in being the software simply and specifically designed for TTM.

More information on all nominees can be found here

The Intertraffic Award 2024 jury:
1. Pieter Litjens, Director of CROW (Chairman of the jury)
2. Margriet van Schijndel, Programme Director, Responsible Mobility, TU/e
3. Jorrit Weerman, Founder and CEO, Parking Network
4. Adam Hill, Editor, ITS International
5. Tom Stone, Editor, Traffic Technology International and Intertraffic World