Intertraffic Global

On-air FAQs

  • Make sure you use a Google Chrome browser for the access link.
  • You might be connected via a VPN network, please disable your VPN connection and try again.
  • Close all other applications on your computer.
  • The password may have been entered incorrectly, please try again.

Audio of video from speakers may be subject to interference depending on your own or others' internet connections.


Please make sure that you have selected the correct audio mode and that your speakers or headphones are plugged in. Check the volume of your computer.

If your problem is not listed please drop us an email and we will do our best to help you.

Please note the chat function in the session is intended to submit questions for our speakers.

No, both the camera and microphone functions are automatically switched off for all attendees.

Organisers and participants can interact using the live chat.

Yes, you can ask questions to our speakers via the live chat.

Operating System Minimum Requirements.
It is important that you can run the most recent version of our supported browsers. Below are the oldest operating systems that we can provide support for:

  • Windows - Windows 7 and later
  • Mac - macOS 10.10 and later
  • Linux - Any x64 based system

iOS Devices:

  • Using Safari - iOS 13 and later
  • Using Native iOS App - iOS 11 and later

Android Devices:

  • Android - Version 4.4 and later

Once you login to te platform you can connect and network with other attendees. Either you can click on ‘Recommended for you’ or you can go to the ‘attendees list’ to invite people to connect by clicking on te ‘show interest’ button. Once you are connected you can request a video meeting.

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