ON AIR Episode 1 & 2 | 20 April 2021

Episode 1  |  Intelligent Infrastructure

How can road operators continue to successfully fulfill their social task, keeping roads safe, liveable and accessible in the future? And how can they grow towards a climate-neutral and circular implementation of projects and make maximum use of the rapid developments in the field of digitalisation? To achieve this, a broad transition is needed in the sector. This first Intertraffic ON AIR episode highlighted the key aspects in this transition: cooperation, innovation and digitalisation.
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Episode 1 | 10:00 - 12:00 | Line-up

Marinda Hall


Since 2009 Marinda has been working on strategic issues about infrastructure, policy-making, complex (international) cooperation and related themes.

Jacques Goddijn

HR Groep

HR Groep collects data from the road signs and keeps it up to date on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and regional authorities.

Steve Philips

Steve Phillips


Secretary General of CEDR, Steve Phillips, will explain how digitalisation has influenced all aspects of transport and why it so important to share knowledge and harvest the benefits from digitalisation.

Chris de Veer

Chris de Veer

Province of Noord-Holland

Chris de Veer is Sector Manager Smart Mobility at the Province of Noord-Holland. How are road operators such as the Province of North Holland working towards a future-proof infrastructure?

Episode 2  |  Smart Traffic Control

High-accuracy data is essential for effective and safe traffic management. To collect data, you need traffic detectors that perfectly match the requirements of the respective application. AI applications have been slowly emerging in the traffic industry. Machine vision, thermal imagining, Wi-Fi, analytics-driven video solutions or drone technologies are used to detect traffic. In this second episode European road operators and technology vendors bring you up to speed with the latest traffic control innovations.
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Episode 2 | 14:00 - 16:00 | Line-up

Marinda Hall


Since 2009 Marinda has been working on strategic issues about infrastructure, policy-making, complex (international) cooperation and related themes.

Steffen De Muynck

Steffen De Muynck


Over the years, cities have sought for reliable detection and accurate data collection. The next generation of FLIR sensors incorporating Artificial Intelligence is taking traffic detection and analysis to new heights.

Paul van Koningsbruggen


Technolution expertise ranges from traffic control, traffic management, to DVM Exchange, to individual co-operative guidance in cars. The common denominator of all of their mobility solutions is innovation.

Marlous Hovestad


Dutch Road Traffic Portal or NDW works together with road authorities, service providers and knowledge institutes to collect, monitor quality, enrich data, store it and make it available to service providers.

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