ON AIR | EPISODE 3 & 4 | 22 june 2021


Parking as a Service & SUMP

The parking sector currently faces many urban mobility & climate challenges such as tackling congestion and liveability issues as well as responding to new health & security requirements due to the pandemic. Reducing search traffic in city centres, getting get rid of fully parked streets, striving for multiple use of urban space and creating customized parking services, are at the top of the agenda of many policy makers.

Improving Road Safety: Vision Zero

The only way to really bring the number of traffic victims down is the employment of a 'vision zero’ and ‘safe system' approach. Herein, the entire design of traffic and the lay-out of road and cycle infrastructure is centered around the most fallible and vulnerable road users: humans. According to the OECD, pioneers Sweden and The Netherlands introduced a proactive, integral approach in the 1990s, using labels as 'Vision Zero' (Sweden) and 'Sustainable Road Safety' (NL). What are the successes and challenges and what kind of new smart roadside equipment and driver assistance systems have been developed?


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