Advertising & exposure opportunities

Increase your reach and connect with Intertraffic’s global audience 365 days a year

Intertraffic is the trusted global engagement catalyst for the mobility and traffic technology sector. Since 1972, we connect public and private parties across the entire value chain. With our in-person trade events, our new 2021 online ON AIR series plus year round coverage of industry developments we seamlessly keep the conversation going on what moves our industry.

Intertraffic ON AIR

Light, camera, action!

Our new ON AIR series provide multiple involvement opportunities for solution providers and technology vendors. We will stage two dedicated episodes per quarter with multiple components. Moreover, we have a diversity of other content and promotion formats to give you spotlight exposure throughout the year. ON AIR will be streamed from our Intertraffic studio @ RAI in Amsterdam.
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"ON AIR is a great podium to catch attention and grow interest. It adds value for our PR and I made several new contacts. Meeting each other live, is key to “feeling the market”, signing contracts and valuable face to face encounters. However, a deep dive in a topic online at regular intervals is certainly efficient. Intertraffic’s market knowledge and extensive network offers the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds." - Jacques Goddijn - HR Groep

Intertraffic ON AIR

- 90 minute episodes -

panel discussion

solution spotlights

audience polls

matchmaking platform

broadcast from studio RAI Amsterdam

Year round content

Let your story be the next headline!

Do you wish to accelerate your marketing or business development initiatives, find new business partners or generate leads? We have an extensive reach and various formats to connect you with your target audience. From straight forward advertising to co-creation of engaging content. Alongside a physical presence with a stand at one of our bustling trade shows, we can provide an audience via our website, social channels, newsletter and our new ON AIR series.

Start your conversation with the Intertraffic community

For convenience we have composed packages proposing a mix of engagement components. Tailor made solutions are also available. We are keen to consult you to discuss your challenges, define your objectives and match it with the most suitable solution. You can find more detailed info on packages and opportunities in the Intertraffic online media kit >

Year round partner packages

Our year round partner packages combine involvement in one (1) episode of Intertraffic's ON AIR programme supplemented with branding & exposure opportunities in the course of the year plus a number of popular marketing tools specifically geared to the Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022 event. These multidisciplinary packages are best value for money providing you exposure from the moment go till April 2022.

ON AIR packages

Our ON AIR packages give you a chance to feature in one (1) ON AIR episode to share your views and expertise with the Intertraffic community and expand your network through direct interaction with attendees.


Branding & Exposure packages

Our Branding & Exposure packages are dedicated to provide you an online spot in the limelight at various moments in the year with featured articles, interviews and brand visibility in our newsletter, website and social channels.

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