Intertraffic China

Activities at a glance

At Intertraffic China 2024, we are pleased to announce a varied selection of concurrent events tailored to meet the needs and expectations of our (inter)national visitors and exhibitors. From conference sessions, to an international hub with matchmaking services, to exhibitor roadshows all the way through to interactive activities such as demos – there is something for every traffic technology and mobility professional at Intertraffic China 2024!

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Conference sessions

29 May

Opening Ceremony of Intertraffic China 2024

Intertraffic Stage 1
Following the ceremony, the leaders group will be guided through the event to visit selected booths


Roadshow on Transportation Science and Technology Innovation Achievements

Intertraffic Stage 1 


International Forum on Smart Mobility Development

Meeting Room  
Translation available


Salon for Sustainable Innovation and Knowledge on "Road to School"

Intertraffic Stage 1

May 30

Forum on the Development of Smart Lighting Poles and Bi-Carbon Construction

Intertraffic Stage 1


Forum on Modernization and Development of Urban Parking

Intertraffic Stage 2


Workshop on Overseas Business of Smart Mobility

Meeting Room 


Announcement of the Intertraffic selection of products

Intertraffic Stage 1


International Hub

On-site Buyer Matchmaking 

29 May

Looking for a specific solution or do you have a problem that you do not know how to solve? Then make sure to attend our matchmaking day during Intertraffic China 2024. During this unique matchmaking day, we will connect buyers and suppliers with suitable matches from within Intertraffic's trusted pool of exhibitors and visitors.


Meet the Experts 

Get all your questions answered during our meet the expert sessions! Do you want to know more about a specific topic? Or perhaps you have a challenge you need help with. Join our meet the expert sessions where exhibitors and visitors can meet our global experts from Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intelligent Parking, Artificial Intelligence, Highway Maintenance and more! 


Exhibitor Roadshows 

Intertraffic Stage 2 

Discover what the mobility and traffic technology sector has to offer by attending our exhibitor roadshows. Throughout Intertraffic China 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to witness dynamic roadshows by exhibitors on stage, featuring product news, the latest trends, and hot topics. Visitors do not need to register for these sessions. 


Interactive Activities


Demos and exact schedule to be announced shortly


Stamp collection action

Get the most out of Intertraffic China 2024 by visiting designated booths to collect stamps; receive gifts upon reaching different stamp milestones. By joining the stamp collection action you can be sure that you won’t be missing out on any technology or stands. More information about where and how to collect stamps and gifts to be announced shortly. 

VanJee Intelligent Control System Branch (Shunyi Factory) Tour:

VanJee Technology has built a modern scientific research and production base of 42500 square meters in Shunyi District, Beijing. The production base has ETC automated production lines, Weigh-In-Motion and assembly workshops, and a 10,000 level dust-free workshop that provides optical product assembly. Adopting international advanced quality management systems such as 5S and 6 ∑, VanJee continuously achieves the informatization, automation, and intelligence of production. VanJee has a first-class laboratory and a production line for LiDAR and V2X products that meet the quality standards of automotive regulations. VanJee Technology adopts advanced digital systems such as SAP and IMS to control material management, support research and development, production, logistics, and warehousing, and achieve efficiency improvement and controllable quality.

Experience of VanJee’s Vehicle-Road Collaborative Autonomous Driving Solution Based on C-V2X+LiDAR Technology:
VanJee's original vehicle road collaborative autonomous driving solution based on C-V2X can reduce the reliance of single vehicle intelligence on too many sensors and redundant data calculations by applying real-time traffic information on the road, reducing costs while ensuring autonomous driving safety. In complex intersection scenarios, the traffic data collected by the intersection smart base station is transmitted in real-time through C-V2X to (200ms) autonomous vehicles, including traffic information and traffic light information, enabling vehicles to make safer decisions. VanJee's autonomous driving solution based on C-V2X shares real-time roadside information, including beyond line of sight fusion perception, smart intersection full flow all elements, traffic lights, etc; Two VanJee 144 beams LiDAR WLR-740 and two VanJee 64 beams blinding LiDAR WLR-721 have been integrated on the vehicle perception side, achieving full coverage of vehicle body perception. By combining both ends of the vehicle and road, VanJee provides the safest and most intelligent autonomous driving solutions for global customers.