20 - 23 March 2018

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Daktronics has been setting standards for the design and manufacture of electronic information displays for 45+ years and we continue to provide a beginning to end display solution from concept through to completion. Our signs feature robust, all-weather housings to IP65 standard and are designed to adhere to European EN12966-1 standards.
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Sistemas de Prevencion Vial SL

Ésta señal salva vidas mediante la protección que aporta al conductor en el momento de su descenso del vehículo al arcén. La Señal PF, se coloca a la altura de nuestra vista, dentro del campo visual donde los usuarios de la vía tienen puesta su concentración, facilitando a los demás conductores verla sin tener que desviar la mirada. La señal PF tiene estabilidad y gran capacidad de sujeción.
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SCANaCAR offers solutions for parking enforcement based on ANPR. Municipalities and parking companies use the ScanAuto, ScanScooter (Intertraffic Innovation Award 2012) and ScanPDA very successfully. Success is found in cost reduction while gaining in customer service significantly. Central reporting informs the organization about the most appropriate means of enforcement and intensity. Besides mobile enforcement SCANaCAR delivers access control systems based on ANPR creating flexible solutions.
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ParkHelp is a global leader in parking and mobility solutions. Headquartered in Barcelona with regional offices in USA and Brazil, over 90% of our projects are carried out internationally. Our focus is developing smarter technologies that help businesses, institutions and municipalities to create an unrivaled user experience, while making the switch as simple as possible for our Clients.
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Graco BVBA

For over 13 years, Graco has been excelling in the manufacturing and engineering of advanced airless striping solutions. Each new generation introduces new technologies and new features. We commit to continuously improve and exceed our professional striping contractors demands. From road marking to football pitches to the striping of parking lots. Numbers and direction arrows, straight lines and drawings. With Graco you stay in line.
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Lector Vision S.L.

Since its inception Lector Vision vision has focused on the development of vision-based systems, optical character recognition (OCR) solutions and advanced image processing for a wide range of applications, specializing in automatic number plate reading for control vehicle traffic and applications derived therefrom.
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Blastrac B.V.

Blastrac surface preparation equipment is used for road aesthetics, road maintenance and safety improvement. Our shot blasters, scarifiers and even floor grinders can be used to improve skid resistance and to remove rubber and pavement markings on roads and highways.
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TIBA Parking Systems

TIBA provides innovative solutions for the Parking market, resulting in reliable, user-friendly products that lower the price of initial acquisition and the cost of ongoing maintenance. With extensive global experience, TIBA’s robust, scalable architecture enables parking operators to keep pace with the latest trends in centralized operations, automated smart facilities, web reservations and mobile payments.
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RALVA is a Spanish researcher, developer and manufacturer of road marking paints, with a wide range of products: from waterborne paints to thermoplastic and cold plastic products.
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GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH

GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH has been an accepted partner in the industry for decades as a manufacturer of professional input and output devices. Due to a reliable system for quality assurance (DIN EN 9001:2015 certificated) and more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, GeBE has created a large customer base for small and medium sized order quantities. With cleverly structured modular systems, solutions can be realized fast, easily, and cost-effectively for our customers.
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