Transport Projects of Municipalities in Turkey

Transport Projects of Municipalities in Turkey


In the last 15 years, the concept of a Smart City has become a focus of municipalities in Turkey. There is a wide spectrum of strategies that cities can put forward to become smarter. But city municipalities think that transport or mobility is very important to increase the quality of life for everyone.

That’s why there are many ongoing mobility projects in all cities. Active Mobility projects (Collect bicycle and pedestrian trips through an application, traffic light management, bicycle prioritization, for example, Park&Ride car park project, bicycle parks for İstanbul, İzmir and also other cities. Smart Transit projects ( GPS- equipped buses, real-time transit information, smart card system projects). Smart Parking Projects (Real-time information for off- Street parking and on Street. Seamless Mobility projects (multimodel trip planning, integrated payment through smart cards, ıntegrated multimodel stations). Traffic Management (tender: Basic data collection, vehicle count, speed, CCTV, lane management, VMS, etc.). There are some projects about traffic control center and tunnel operation center.

Heliport Projects: Municipalities are trying to offer aerial solutions like Helicopter taxi services, first aid during a natural disaster like Istanbul, İzmir and others.

Smart Taxi Projects: Under the scope of the project for integrating all taxis in cities like İstanbul, İzmir and others with a call center.

Some municipalities are continuing to buy Electronic Control Systems (EDS), Traffic surveillance Cameras, traffic measurement system, some web applications. All municipalities have their own policy and method for tender or bids for transport projects. There is no central office for calling projects of municipalities.

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