Spotlight on Skip-Line

Spotlight on Skip-Line


Intertraffic Mexico will take place within a couple of weeks, we spoke to Brian Kausler, the CEO of Skip-Line. They are exhibiting at the upcoming edition of Intertraffic Mexico.

According to Mr. Kausler, Skipline is the leading supplier of electronic road marking controls. Road Markings is how instructions are relayed to drivers to maintain safe and civil travel. Skip-Line has been designing and manufacturing controls for the industry for over 40 years.  

 We asked Skip-Line about their latest innovations or product. Mr. Kausler stated: “We’re the standard for skip timers, but we do a lot more than just time skips on the road. We also have video guidance systems, data logging systems for tracking progress and reporting on material usages, and automatic pressure controls”. 

Mr. Kausler believes that his products can make Mexico a better city. “It all comes down to a proper application of road markings. With our equipment, we can help reach target retro-reflectivity levels so markings are more vibrant and last longer.”

The developments are going really fast in the traffic industry. Intertraffic wonders what Skip-Line their view is on the developments. Mr. Kausler said “Automated vehicles rely heavily on road markings, so it’s inevitable that new standards will be established and additional funding becomes available."

According to Mr. Kausler, Intertraffic is really important for Skip-Line, even though Road markings are a small segment of Intertraffic. “This show is important because Skip-Line doesn’t have much of a presence in Latin America. So it is a great opportunity to greatly improve the road markings in the region.”

Visit Skip-Line at stand 543 during Intertraffic Mexico.


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