Personal message from the Intertraffic team: Victor Dorado

Personal message from the Intertraffic team: Victor Dorado


The lockdown affects the mobility industry. During a time of crisis and lockdown, it is even more important to share knowledge and experiences. The Intertraffic team is working hard to develop new online opportunities to facilitate our community of mobility professionals. But we do look forward to the time in which we can meet each other in person again. The team sends you personal messages from all over the world, starting with Victor Dorado, sales agent for Intertraffic in Spain, Portugal and South America.


Victor explains that Spain has reached the peak of the epidemic. The pressure on health service is not bad and Spain is having better figures for infection and casualties in the last days. As in other countries, the coronavirus has an impact on traffic in Spain. Victor shares some figures regarding daily traffic. He also talks about a few innovations and great projects that are currently taking place in the country.

Traffic to the big cities dropped by 78%

Of course, this situation has a huge impact on the mobility in Spain. The Spanish traffic authority reports that long-distance journeys in the country decreased by 92%, traffic to the big cities decreased by 78%, traffic to the border with neighbouring countries Portugal and France decreased by 82%.

Commute decreased by 65%

Victor explains that the Coronavirus has a major impact on urban mobility in Madrid. According to data provided by Google and the analyses they have from mobile devices. Trips for working decreased by 65%, shopping travels dropped by 72% and recreational trips decreased by 95%. The positive side is that all these figures show that the majority of the population is following the instructions given by the government to stay at home.

Data-driven project government has new purpose

Since October 2019 the government works together with main mobile operator Telefonica. The goal of the project was to identify the movement and see the patterns from the population. The purpose of the project was to invest money where was most needed to improve mobility in the country. Now the project will have another purpose when the lockdown is over. The same project will be used to study how people move within the country. In case of a new outbreak of the virus this pattern could be used as a very powerful tool to prevent further infections.

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