Can e-scooters and pedestrians co-exist?

Can e-scooters and pedestrians co-exist?

  • 27 November 2019
  • Cities Today
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Calgary’s e-scooter pilot has been shelved for the winter months as the city assesses its impact on residents.

The trial, which ended on 1 November, has ferried 140,000 unique users on almost 1 million trips across the city since its inception in July.

Speaking on the sidelines of the City Leadership Forum held in Vancouver, Ryan Vanderputten, Director of Transportation Planning at the City of Calgary told Cities Today: “We’ve had fantastic uptake and have been working very closely with law enforcement, our health services and e-scooter providers to make sure that we’re offering a viable and safe product.”

Some Canadian provincial governments, in particular Alberta and Quebec, have amended legislation to include regulation for shared e-scooters, while others, including Ontario and British Columbia, have yet to finalise their status.

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Photo: Geoff Howe/PFD

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