Borum and 3M collaborate to improve China’s traffic safety

Borum and 3M collaborate to improve China’s traffic safety


In 2018, Borum and 3M have started a collaboration for improving traffic safety in China. According to the World Health Organization, China is facing a critical traffic challenge and it has been proven that quality line marking positively impacts the prevention of traffic accidents.

Together, Borum and 3M organized a series of events to encourage the use of flat and profiled high-quality thermoplastic markings and reflective elements on roads in China. There was a shared opinion that road markings play an important role to make the roads more visible for drivers in the dark and in rainy weather condition.

The events consisted of both seminars presenting how this type of line markings can help improve traffic guidance & safety, as well as live demos of Borum’s line marking machines. 3M introduced their reflective elements more visibility of the lines during bad weather conditions. With more than 150 guests from road authorities, government agencies, road maintenance contractors, and traffic police, the events are off to a good start and show immense potential for efforts being taken in this direction.

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Borum and 3M both exhibit at Intertraffic China 2019.

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