9 - 11 NOVEMBER 2021

Benefit from the opportunities in the mobility industry in Mexico!

Intertraffic Award Latin America

And the winners are:

Traffic technology and mobility are fast developing markets worldwide. Intertraffic Mexico highlights the success and best practices in this industry in Latin America with the Intertraffic Award Latin America! The Intertraffic Award Latin America 2019 provides recognition to organisations in the traffic technology and mobility industry who are connecting today's and tomorrow's mobility in practice.

Congratulations to: the Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT) and CLIPP!

Winner 2018

During the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Mexico 2018 innovation was rewarded with the Intertraffic Award Latin America 2018. The three nominees: Autotraffic, Kapsch and Pumatronix contested over the coveted award for the Latin America region with Pumatronix coming out on top with their innovative software COMPARE.

Editha Hoogenberg, Exhibition Manager Intertraffic Mexico, spoke with Sylvio Calixto, CEO of Pumatronix after they received the award.

Winner 2017

In 2017, Autotraffic won with their project on a Smartmobility.

“It’s a recognition for all the hard work of our employees and partners at Autotraffic Mexico. Together we have been working for fourteen years to improve mobility and traffic safety in Mexico. This acknowledgement is a push to move forward and to stimulate mobility in the right direction.” Representative Autotraffic.

The jury

A jury of experts from leading companies, associations and governments will carefully evaluate all entries and select three nominees for the Intertraffic Award Latin America. Members of the jury include Mobility and Transportation Mexican Association (AMTM), Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT), Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).