9 - 11 November 2021



Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, the 14th economy in the world. GoldmanSachs predicts that Mexico’s economy will be the 8th in the world by 2050. Having one of the highest urbanization rates, it is essential for Latin America to improve the infrastructure in the smartest way possible. To fulfill this ambition there has to be an upgrade in the infrastructure. It is up to our community of mobility professionals to combine strenghts and share knowledge.



More than 40% of everything built in Mexico City is parking spaces.


Having one of the highest urbanization rates, it is essential for Latin America to improve the infrastructure.

Road safety

Due to the growing incidence of road traffic crashes, Mexico has pledged an overly aggressive fatality reduction target of 50% by 2020.


Traffic management

Traffic in Latin America is epic. Bogotá, Mexico City, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro rank the top 10 most congested cities on the planet.


Smart mobility

Unlike many other regions in the world, Latin America is still very much reliant on traditional forms of public transportation.


of the Mexican population lives in an urban environment
of the Mexican population moves through highways


Latin America is one of the regions with the highest urbanization rates in the world (about 80%). Therefore it is essential to identify which strategies are most effective in reducing the costs of congestion and improving accessibility, as well as how this may substantially improve the general public’s quality of life and productivity.


Tips & tricks to do business with Mexicans

Let us give you an introduction to Mexico’s business culture:

  • Mexicans generally dress conservatively and both men and women will wear suits in a formal business setting. Jeans are generally not appropriate.
  • Always start with small talk. Trust plays a very important role in establishing relationships, sometimes even more than professional competence or experience.
  • Mexico has a culture that enjoys negotiations. You should too!

Download the full list of tips and enjoy your event.

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