14 - 16 june 2023


Intertraffic Istanbul has proven to be an outstanding business platform not only for Turkey but for the whole Eurasian region. The city of Istanbul is a perfect connection point for people from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Turkey is one of the most promising markets in the region. Intertraffic Istanbul is supported by the Ministry of Transport and Communication, General Directorate of Highways and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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The business potential of Turkey and the Eurasian region

Turkey is a fast growing economy and will reach 1,2 trillion US dollar foreign trade volume in less than 10 years time. The government plans to invest another 200 billion US dollar in Intertraffic related topics, namely:

  • Application of Smart Mobility Systems in motorways
  • Renewable energy usage for motorway illumination
  • Projects to decrease accidents in motorways
  • Investment in R&D for motorway infrastructure
  • Creation of new railways and airports
  • An additional 4,000 km motorway construction

Government investment

Turkey will invest 180 billion TL in transportation and is increasing investments for traffic and traffic safety. Topics such as application of smart mobility systems in motorways, renewable energy usage for motorway illumination and accident management projects are high on the agenda. The government’s aim is to decrease accidents by 50% by making use of new technologies.

The Ministry of Transport is planning an interactive warning project where speed is detected and warnings are transmitted. It is envisioned that mobile applications will gain importance and there is a distinct interest in European know-how and technology for traffic engineering. The Ministry of Transport has spent 200 billion TL in the last 10 years on traffic projects and local ministries are currently running many projects amongst which smart bus stops. There are a significant number of new large scale projects such as the 3rd Istanbul airport, 3rd Bosphorus bridge, 4 tube passage, cable lifts and monorails.

Local municipalities will start to generate income from traffic inspections, so the majority of cities is looking to install electronic control systems. The first projects are already underway in Istanbul and Konya and will continue to roll out to other cities – Control cameras are important tools and major investments are made to cover 17,000 km of road.