12 - 13 - 14 November 2019


Traffic technology and mobility are fast developing markets worldwide. 
Intertraffic Mexico highlights the success and best practices in this industry in Latin America with the Intertraffic Award Latin America!  

The Intertraffic Award Latin America 2018 provides recognition to organisations in the traffic technology and mobility industry who are connecting today's and tomorrow's mobility in practice. The overall winner will be announced on Tuesday 13 November during the official opening of Intertraffic Mexico 2018. 



Product name: Smart mobility service Livink

Product description: The Smart Mobility Service enables the collection of information for specialized mobility analyses. Its services include sensor installation, traffic counts and a methodology for evaluating public spaces and infrastructure.

It aims to assess the efficacy of highways, carry out pilot tests of solutions to traffic problems in real time and create proposals for the improvement of urban mobility.



Product name: Comprehensive Mobility Management System for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Product description: To integrate various independent traffic control system brands and technologies (3,800 intersections) and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) (2,400 traffic detection cameras, 60 variable message signs and traffic sensors) that are currently spread across four control centers, into one master mobility management system, with the aim of simplifying urban mobility.

Our platform also includes information on public services such as trains, buses, the metro, urban highways, regulated parking, bike sharing schemes and towing services for citizens in order to provide inhabitants with a better quality of life. Thanks to the processing and management of the information generated, authorities are able to make efficient decisions and plan mobility strategies within the city.

The information also allows for better coordination between departments responsible for event management and response plans in the face of emergencies,
road blocks, accidents, etc.

Product name: COMPARE beyond ALPR

Product description: Thinking of curbing actions such as car theft, vehicle cloning, license plates tampering, and toll evasion, Pumatronix has developed COMPARE. A efficient software that allows you to find a particular vehicle within an image database by analyzing the similarity.

We can compare this software to a digital
fingerprint, where each vehicle will have your own digital description in a small bytes structure which will be used in the comparison being much more efficient then image comparison.

ALPR will no doubt continue to be an essential technology for traffic surveillance, but complementary methods will have an important role in handling more difficult and complex requirements – such as finding a vehicle without a visible and legible license plate.


Winner Intertraffic Award Latin America 2017

Last year the award was awarded to Autotraffic for their project on a Smartmobility Platform.

“It’s a recognition for all the hard work of our employees and partners at Autotraffic Mexico. Together we have been working for fourteen years to improve mobility and traffic safety in Mexico. This acknowledgement is a push to move forward and to stimulate mobility in the right direction.” Representative Autotraffic

The jury

A jury of experts from leading companies, associations and governments will carefully evaluate all entries and select three nominees for the Intertraffic Award Latin America. Members of the jury include Mobility and Transportation Mexican Association (AMTM), Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT), Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

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