13 - 14 - 15 November 2018


Traffic technology and mobility are fast developing markets worldwide. 
Intertraffic Mexico highlights the success and best practices in this industry in Latin America with the Intertraffic Award! Applications for the Intertraffic Award Latin America 2018 will open in due course.

The Intertraffic Award Latin America 2018 provides recognition to organisations in the traffic technology and mobility industry who are connecting today's and tomorrow's mobility in practice. The overall winner will be announced on Tuesday 13 November during the official opening of Intertraffic Mexico 2018. 



Winner Intertraffic Award Latin America 2017

Congratulations to the winner of the first edition of the Intertraffic Award Latin America: Autotraffic!

On 16 November 2017, the award was presented to Autotraffic for their project on a Smartmobility Platform.

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Intertraffic Award Latin America nominees



Project: Smartmobility platform
The tool allows for visualization, analysis and modelling of information in the urban mobility environment. Additionally it allows execution of public policies through the planning, implementation and assessment of the results of the following components: Traffic Management, Public Transportation, Urban Cycling, Urban Infrastructure, Road Safety, Water Management and Air Quality Management. The tool ultimately seeks to shape cities with safer roads and a more efficient and sustainable transportation of the general public.



Product: ITSCAM FF, integrated OCR solution
The product can be used for traffic control, safety and mobility, monitoring vehicles at low and high speeds and in high volume traffic environments. It is a high performance equipment developed with image processing for vehicle detection and OCR for automatic license plate recognition. It comes with an entire software solution which is able to check equipment statuses, receive on-line information and trigger alarms based on vehicle restriction.



Product: Automatic danger warning system in crossings
The automatic danger warning system in crossings consists of the installation of vehicle sensors and dynamic warning signals near intersections. These intersections present a high risk of accidents relating to the incorporation of vehicles into the main road. The warning system detects vehicles circulating on the main road as well as vehicles circulating on the secondary road in near the intersection. It gives a real-time warning to drivers travelling on the main road, giving them enough time to adjust their speed to road conditions.

The jury

Professionals from leading companies, associations and governments, made a selection of the top 3 nominees for the Intertraffic Award Latin America.

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