10 - 12 April 2019

A three day conference programme

Aside from the exhibition, Intertraffic Istanbul 2019 offers an action-packed conference and workshop programme which offers a perfect setting for business gatherings and learning opportunities. Experts will present high impact topics related to smart mobility and the connection between today’s and tomorrow’s mobility.

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Day 1

The 100th Anniversary Vision Projects in Turkey

There are many ongoing and upcoming mega projects in Turkey. With a population of over 80 million people, one of the biggest goals of these projects is solving transportation challenges. Improving the traffic flow in the country will also contribute to the economic development. Mayor governmental stakeholders will present the vision of Turkey with regards to these million dollar projects.

Presented by: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure - Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality- The General Directorate of Highways- Leading Contractor Companies

Smart mobility in a smart society context

Traffic flow is one of the biggest problems in cities nowadays. The challenge is to develop smarter cities with adequate technology to facilitate day to day life of the community. Integretion of the existing structures is key to create sustainable projects.

Presented by: ISBAK and Eindhoven University of Technology
Speakers: Mr. C. van de Weijer 

Transformation of Paying System Projects in Public Transportation

Renewal of the vehicle fleet, efficiency of the lines and ensuring accessibility are key topics to improve public transportation systems. The Department of Transportation implemented vehicle tracking systems, smart stations, and improved disability friendly vehicles for the safety and comfort of all transport users. It resulted in more accessible lines and reduction of travel time.

Presented by: Department of Transportation

Day 2

Ausder, Big data, mobility and blockchain

The influence of Big Data in the Traffic Technology Industry.

Presented by: Ausder, ITS Holland
Speakers: Mrs. M. de Vreeze – Director ITS Netherlands  / t.b.a.

Road and Traffic Safety

What guardrails can do for two-wheeled vehicles, "Biker Friendly Barrier"

Presented by: Steel Guardrail and Road Restraint Systems Organisation- Turkish Motorcycle Platform- The General Directorate of Highways- The General Directorate of Security


Is Mobility as a Service (MaaS) the way forward in Turkey & MENA Region? 

Presented by: Aselsan
Speakers: Mrs. Z. Nazer – Doctoral Researcher University of Southampton / t.b.a.

How technology makes our roads safer?

50% of the traffic accidents in Turkey are related to the lack of road capacity. Making use of smart solutions en new technologies in the current infrastructure has become a top priority and a state policy to reduce traffic accidents.

Presented by:

Day 3

Pedestrian and Bicycle Practices

"Priority for Pedestrains, Priority for Life" the motto of the Pedestrian Association in Turkey. They have officially named this year, the year of pedestrian priority in traffic. The ambition is to provide technological equiment for pedestrian crossings.

Presented by: Pedestrian Association - International Federation of Pedestrians 

Innovation in Parking Solutions, Smart Parking Management

Parking and mobilitiy in smart cities.

Presented by: Innovation in Parking Solutions, Smart Parking Management