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Indonesian Asphalt Pavement and Concrete Association (AABI)

Indonesian Asphalt Pavement and Concrete Association (AABI) is the association of companies of the construction services whose members consist engaged in the execution of civil work in particular areas of land transport infrastructure with Asphalt Mixing Plant and / or Concrete Batching Plant unit ownership as the requirements.
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APEKSI is a forum consisting of 98 cities in urban area aiming at assisting its members in implementing regional autonomy and creating a climate conducive to the establishment of cooperation among regional administrations. In line with the spirit of decentralization and democracy, APEKSI has helped its members to achieve improved social welfare through democracy, people’s participation, justice and equal access for local diversity and potential.
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Indonesia Logistics Association

As an organization, ALI has put a vision and mission in bringing a conducive atmosphere for Indonesian logistics industries to grow and can contribute in developing excellencies in human resources in the field of the Supply Chain & Logistics management for the country. To enhance the quality of Indonesian human resources and to act as a focal point for people in the field of supply chain & logistics management in Indonesia. To be the most prominent Supply Chain & Logistics Professional Association in Indonesia by bringing best value to Indonesian logisticians and industries through various activities, online & offline, & collaborations with relevant organizations & communities.
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APTRINDO is the Indonesian Truck Owners Association declared on 19 August 2014 at Sunlake Hotel, Sunter Tanjung Priok - North Jakarta by 48 Truck Entrepreneurs from various regions whose members consist of truck entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia and officially registered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Humans with SK number AHU-00667.60.10.2014 as a legal entity based on the AKTA Notary No. 27, Mahrita Paulin Runtulalo, SH and AKTA establishment on October 14, 2014.
Toll Road Regulatory Agency
Ministry of Public Works and Housing
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Toll Road Regulatory Agency ( BPJT ) is the competent body to carry out the majority of toll road management includes setting , utilization and supervision of the Toll Road Enterprises . Existence BPJT mandated by Law . 38 of 2004 on the road , set in that Regulation . 15 of 2005 on the Toll Road and determined through the Minister of Public Works No.295/PRT/M/2005 of Toll Road Regulatory Agency . Authority associated with the operation , trying to encourage the involvement BPJT Enterprises and Local Government to accelerate highway construction .
Ministry of National Development Planning
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Bappenas as is known today, has started its history immediately upon Indonesia gaining independence in August 1945. It was realized that gaining political independence will not suffice if not accompanied by endeavors to enhance the economic wellbeing of the people. Thus, on 12 April 1947, the Planning Board was established, which succeeded to formulate Indonesia’s first development planning document, called the “Dasar-dasar Pokok Daripada Plan Mengatur Ekonomi Indonesia” (Basic Plan for Developing Indonesia’s Economy).
Indonesian Road Development Association

Himpunan Pengembangan Jalan Indonesia

Indonesian Road Development Association is an associations of profesionals in the field of roads and bridges established September 05, 1975. Until present IRDA has spread all over Indonesia supported by Regional Leadership Council in 33 provinces. IRDA vision is to become an effective and independent organization to create professionalism ability of IRDA Members as road and bridge expert in the development of road infrastructure with quality and enviromentally sound.
Indonesian Road Development Association

ITS Indonesia

TS Asia-Pacific seeks to facilitate Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) cooperation and coordination between countries/areas in the Asia-Pacific region, taken to mean Asia and Oceania, irrespective of political, industrial, cultural or institutional barriers. ITS Asia-Pacific offers its members opportunities for networking and information-sharing through assistance in the coordination of the region’s involvement in the World Congress on ITS, and hosting the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum. ITS Asia-Pacific plays a key facilitation and liaison role for its members within the Asia-Pacific region and with related organisations in other regions. Members are encouraged to develop ITS for application across the Asia-Pacific region and to assist each other with information to enable this.
Jakarta Smart City
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Jakarta Smart City

Jakarta Smart City is the application of the smart city concept that optimizes the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to know, understand, and control various resources in a city more effectively and efficiently, hence it could maximize public services, provide solutions to problems, and support sustainable development.
Indonesia Highway Corporation
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Jasa Marga

To support the economic growth, on March 1, 1978, the Government issued Regulation number 4 year 1978 on the establishment of PT Jasa Marga (persero) Tbk. Indonesia to provide a reliable road network in the country. Jasa Marga's 1978-constructed Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi Toll Road is a milestone in the history of the toll road industry in Indonesia. At an earlier stage of its establishment, besides functioning as an operator, the Company also had an authority on toll roads in the country. Until 1987, Jasa Marga has been the only toll road operator in Indonesia funded by the Government through foreign loans and bond issuance.
Indonesian Transportation Society
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Masyarakat Transportasi Indonesia

Established in Jakarta on December 12, 1995, is a professional organization that brought together experts, academics, practitioners and bureaucrats who are motivated by the awareness of its social responsibility as the members of society, willing and determined to support and put themselves fully in the development of sustainable national transport in Indonesia. Goals: Cultivating professional manpower in the field of transportation; Improving the mastership, development and utilization of science and technology in the field of transportation; Taking an active role in the improvement of the quality and sustainability of transport services; Mediating the various stakeholders in the field of transportation to resolve problems and improve transport condition.
Academic School of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation
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Sekolah Tinggi Transportasi Darat

First established with the name of the Traffic Academy, known as ALL and was inaugurated by the first President, Mr. Ir.Soekarno on 08 September 1951. The specific reasons in 1964, ALL is not operated or no activity. Taking into account the traffic growth, the development of road transport technology and the complexity of road traffic was born the idea to reactivate the Traffic Academy.
On December 5, 1980, the Academy of Traffic reactivated under the name Center for Education and Training Expert Traffic Road Transport (BPL-ALLAJR), but it was still mentioned with the name of the Traffic Academy. BPL-ALLAJR only hold LLAJR Expert Diploma program. In an effort to meet the needs of qualified experts who are taller and the development of the education system on March 10, 2000, with 41 of Presidential Decree 2000-ALLAJR BPL status upgraded to College of Land Transport (STTD), which is domiciled under the Ministry of Transportation ,